KONO Meimon 4 person coffee dripper set - Black handles


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Introducing an icon: KONO

Take your coffee drinking experience to a higher level with a classic Japanese Kono coffee dripper set.

This coffee dripper set brings you the full flavor of cloth filtered nel drip coffee with the convenience of a paper filters. 

Designed by the second president of the Kono Coffee Syphon Company after years in development, the distinctive conical shape of the design ensures that water is spread evenly throughout the filter and drips through at a steady speed. The grooves in the lower half of the cone give a snugger fit for the filter, resulting in reduced sediment, improved airflow and ultimately a richer, fuller flavored coffee. With a little patience and practice you’ll quickly master the skills required to fill your kitchen with the rich, comforting aroma of filter-dripped coffee.

The Kono brand is favoured by households and professional barista’s throughout Japan. Included in the set is a sample of the custom designed filter paper which recreates the shape of the cone dripper, allowing the coffee to drip through a single central point. Used in combination with the dripper, the resulting coffee is nothing short of perfection!

The glass coffee pot makes two cups of coffee and the set includes a measuring spoon and filter paper.

Perfect for those starting out with filtered coffee or as a special gift.​


The most popular brand in Japan
Makes 4 cups of delicious filtered coffee
Holds up to 650 ml
Perfect for beginners and baristas alike
Comes with Dripper / Glass server / Measuring cup / Paper Filters / Box


    Size Length 17.0cm  Width 12.5cm  Height 13.5cm
    Materials - Dripper: PCT resin / Glasspot: Glass / Measuring cup: Acrylic resin
    Not compatible with microwave or direct heat
    Made in Japan

    Kono Coffee Syphon Company

    Established in 1925. The founder of the company, Akira Kono produced the first coffee syphon after years of research. In 1973 his successor designed the cone shaped dripper, and the third president of the company went on to adapt this design for home use creating the “Drip Meijin”. Known not only for the quality of their coffee equipment but also for the excellence of their roasted beans, Kono Coffee Syphon Company is a name worth knowing, both in and out of Japan.


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