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Mexico El Triunfo Decafe [Dark roast]

Fragrant aroma, cherry and dark chocolate flavors, caramel-like sweetness.

Country: Mexico
Process: Mountain water decafe
Region Farm: El Triunfo
Area: Angel Albino Corzo, Chiapas

* 500gr / 1kg packaging will be in our wholesale bags.

Size: 200g

Roasting and Shipping Schedule

We roast all of our coffee in Kyoto, at our Nishijin Roastery, up to twice a week on Monday and Sunday.

We then pack and ship the freshly roasted beans out on weekdays (please note that our fulfilment operation closes on weekends).

The roasting date on your coffee will be between 14 days prior to your order, and while we try our best to ship as younger roast as possible, we actually recommend you waiting at least 1 week after the roasting date to enjoy the fully developed flavor, so if you receive a very fresh roast please let the coffee rest for about a week and give it a try!

*All shipment will be done on the next Wednesday after order is received.

Bean's Q&A

Checkout Kurasu Coffee Brew Guidefor more information!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nora I.ノ.
Best decafe

I got this for my sister because she trying to cut caffeine,it's the best for her , It is better than famous brand


My family love this.

Great Decaf Coffee

Recently I had to switch to decaf coffee for health reasons, so my search began for a decaf coffee with a flavor I could enjoy. I called off the search when I found Kurasu's Mexico El Triunfo Decaf coffee. I still look forward to the smooth taste of fresh coffee every morning, without the side effects of the caffeine. Thank you to the Kurasu Team!

Erdem Y.
Left me confused

This was the first decaf beans I bought and I'm not sure if something was wrong with my batch or this is common with decaf beans but the grounds came out much finer than my grind setting every single time, close to moka pot fineness. I brewed with lower temperatures, went as coarse as I could but failed to make a great cup for filter coffee. There were bitter notes and the aftertaste wasn't pleasant to say the least. However, I really enjoyed making espresso and espresso-based drinks, the flavors were there as advertised. It was great not to have my sleep cycle affected with a late night espresso :)