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Nankei Pottery Tea Cup: Milky White

These lovely little stackable tea cups hold the charm of a true classic that resonates with minimal look of the modern lifestyle. The rim is perfectly crafted with just the right thickness, letting you fully appreciate the aroma and texture of the drink without burning your lips.

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Product Details

Size:W68, H56mm (80ml)
*You may notice pin holes on the surface depending on the item. This is a natural occurrence during the baking process.
This product is made of ceramic clay that contains iron powder. You may notice small black spots on the surface, but that is not a sign of defect or malfunction, but a character of the material.

To remove tea stain, soak the pot overnight in diluted oxygen bleach (for tableware use) to clean. Then rinse and dry thoroughly to avoid any residual smell.

Do not use abrasive sponges, metal scrubbers, or cleansers to clean.

Suitable for:

Not Suitable for:
・Direct flame

About Nankei

Nankei Pottery specialize in Bankoyaki, a traditional Japanese pottery technique practised in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture. The company produces high quality, durable kyuusu and tableware that reflects on Japanese lifestyle. Quality comes first when manufacutering items, and from molding to quality check, the entire process of making a single Kyuusu involves 13 procedures.