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ORIGAMI AS Holder (resin)

For a better hold and an easy-clean resin ORIGAMI holder with the ridge design. This resin holder has an updated design with the signature ORIGAMI ridges that holds the dripper better, offering more stable brewing experience.


Product Details

Size:Φ120 × H15, drip hole (top: Φ55, bottom: Φ58)
Material:AS resin
Features:Compatible with both ORIGAMI Dripper S and M

Made in Japan

Not microwave safe
Not oven safe
Not dishwasher safe


ORIGAMI was found in Mino-city, Gifu Prefecture. The city is renowned for its good quality soil, skilled potters, and more than 400 years of history in ceramics called "Mino Ware." With the mission "to make good coffee around the world," ORIGAMI offers quality coffee equipment with a wide range of color variation to match any interior concept.

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