PORLEX Mini Coffee Grinder Ceramic

Japan Porlex

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Enjoy a Reliable, quality grind indoor and outdoor


 This compact, easy to assemble/dissemble, easy to clean, enduring and sturdy grinder is a must-have for those who enjoy freshly-brewed coffee anytime, anywhere. 



1. Ceramic blade will not affect the taste, and it will last long.

Unlike metal blades, ceramic blade won't ruin your cup with an unpleasant metallic flavor and let you enjoy the cup fully. Also no need to stress out for it to be worn-out or rusted.

2. Easy grind adjustment

You can adjust the grind just by dialing, and make an optimal results with a perfect grind.

3. Easy to carry

Compact design matches your outdoor need.  The silicone handle holder provides a better grip and you can comfortably take your PORLEX anywhere by storing the handle in a side pocket. JAPAN PORLEX Official Handle Holder made of bonded leather is also available in 2 colors.



    Blade: Ceramic, Cap: Stainless, Body: Stainless/Polypropylene, 
    Cup: Stainless, Shaft: Stainless, Handle: Iron/Polypropylene(grip), Handle holder: Silicone,
    Adjusting knob: Polyacetal/Stainless, Blade base: Polyacetal
    Size: D 5 cm x H13.5cm 
    Weight: 250g
    Capacity: 20g of beans (3 cups)


      DO NOT use cleanser or stainless steel scrubber to clean as it damages the surface.
      Use water and a tooth brush to clean the ceramic blade, and a soft sponge for other parts.
      DO NOT sterilized with boiling water.
      Let it dry well after cleaning.
      DO NOT use a dishwasher/microwave.
      DO NOT remove the small spring parts inside. 
      The fit of each joint parts may slightly vary depending on the product as it is not a screw-joint.
      The small, oval-shaped dent on the inside of the outer blade is made during the production process. It will not cause any damage on the blade.


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