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The official, perfect handle holder for your PORLEX

It was a dream of PORLEX Coffee Grinder Users--to have a nice and neat handle holder for their PORLEX Tall, just not for PORLEX Mini.

This handle holder is made of bonded leather, sourced from a long-loved SALAMANDER in Germany, well-known company for its high-quality leather products. 

It is not just a perfect piece to hold the handle and makes it handy to carry around, but it also gives you a firm grip when grinding while being smooth and gentle on your hand. You can also slide it up to the top and use it like a funnel and make your beans-pouring/grinding stress-free.

The carved "for PORLEX COFFEE GRINDER" is a proud proof of it being an official goods of JAPAN PORLEX. Available in warm brown and chic gray.




    JAPAN PORLEX Official Goods
    *It does not come with a grinder.
    Size: W5.5cm x L6.5cm x H3.5 cm (D 5cm)
    Weight: 10g
    Material: Bonded leather
    (60% Shredded leather, 40% Latex lesin, produced by SALAMANDER, Germany)



      It is specially designed for PORLEX Coffee Grinder: use as intended.
      It may feel slightly tight when first fitted, but it is meant to be so to hold the grinder well.
      You may find dark spots or slight fade in color, but that is due to the nature of leather and production process. 
      Let it dry naturally when wet.
      There is no surface treatment on the inside.

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