Roasted Coffee Beans: KARIOMONS COFFEE ROASTER (Nagasaki) / Honduras Orellana 100g


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A lot Exclusive to KARIOMONS  COFFEE ROASTER: Sweetness with a hit of acidity, freshly peeled litchi, round flavor of melon- satisfyingly complex cup



Honduras / Orellana 2017 for KARIOMONS (Medium roast)

Country: Honduras

Area: Santa barbara, Francisco de ojuera⠀

Producer: Brian Orellana

Varietal: Red Catuai

Process: Fully Washed

Flavor: Yellow peach,Mandarin orange, Litchi, Melon, Honey

Barista's Comment: "This coffee is produced exclusively for KARIOMONS COFFEE ROASTER purchased directly from their partner farm. We feel so honored to be able to serve such a special coffee here in Kyoto."


KARIOMONS COFFEE ROASTER is a pioneer of specialty coffee culture in Nagasaki.

They usually put 8 kinds of coffee beans on sale, and almost all of them were purchased directly from the farmers. The owner, Ito-san, and his staff started to visit farms 7 years ago, and except for a few African regions they haven’t been able to visit, they always purchase directly, instead of via importers.

Kariomons Coffee Roaster choose beans according to the season. Making sure their selected regions are as varied as possible, in summer they choose beans that will make a good iced coffee, and in winter, they choose beans suited to a deeper roast while remaining expressive. Sometimes they choose two different kinds of beans by the same producer. Ito-san’s endless curiosity and experimental mindset have been entertaining people a lot, enabling them to experience the unique differences through Kariomons Coffee Roaster’s fun and varied selection throughout the year.

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