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In Mino region, the largest ceramic production area in Japan, countless numbers of rejects are discarded. SAI Mug recycles those chips and pieces by grinding them fine, and use them as a recycled clay. The manufacturer, CHIPS inc. uses recycled clay for approximately 20% of the material, and their boxes are made of 100% recycled cardboard.

The rejects and the cracked chips were not meant to be used for anything- but through creating SAI Mug, their goals are to give them another chance to brightens people's' tables up, and to do their share on environmental conservation. 

色: White

Product Details

Size:Φ88, H76mm
Weight: -
Features:Capacity (300ml)
*Each cup is one of a kind: there might be slight variation in shape, color and size. Uneven surface with flow/dripping mark of glaze. The products contain finely crushed recycled pottery chips mixed in with clay.

Because of that, you may find a slightly rough texture on the surface or a little black pinhole - they would not impede the quality and the function of the products.

Check out our blog post from here (Link: https://kurasu.kyoto/blogs/kurasu-journal/coffee-talk-on-pottery-and-sustainability

Made in Japan

Please do not use cleansers or metal scrubbers as they may cause scratches on the surface. After use, use a soft sponge and dishwashing liquid to clean as soon as possible, and dry well before storing.

The products can be washed in dishwashers and dryers, but please be careful not to have them shaken or in contact with other item during the washing/drying process as it may cause damage.
The product is compatible with microwave, but please refrain from expose the product to a sudden and drastic temperature difference as it may cause damage or cracking.

Suitable for:

Not suitable for:
Direct flame


CHIPS inc., produces daily tableware and household goods with the mission to enrich people's lives. Their main focus is on creating items that fits into people's lifestyle, making them wanting to use it on a daily basis. With this concept in mind, the company pays close attention to shape, color, materials and price of their products.

Product Q&A

Coffee: 20gr
Water: 240ml
To produce 200ml of coffee (200 size)

Coffee: 36gr
Water: 440ml
To produce 360ml of coffee (360 size)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alvin W.K.Z.
Beautiful Mug

Really nice quality , make me enjoy my cup of coffee everyday.

Love it

Feels nice in the hand and love all the small imperfections on the cup

Alvin W.
Light and nice

The mug is very light with a handmade texture. Love it