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Takahiro Coffee Drip Pour Over Kettle Shizuku

The original Takahiro Kettle has been a long time favorite among coffee enthusiasts, and this new line of products is sure to create a new generation of loyal fans!

The Takahiro Coffee Drip Pour Over Kettle Shizuku offers several improvements over their original designs, such as the thinner spout which allows for great control over the flow of water. This design is ideal for professionals and beginners alike.

サイズ: 0.9L

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Product Details

Size: 130 × 240, Φ110mm (500ml)
Material:18-8 stainless steel
Features:Expertly crafted tip for superior control

Size:155 × 240, Φ120mm (900ml)
Material: 18-8 stainless steel
Features: Expertly crafted tip for superior control

Made in Japan

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About Takahiro

The Takahiro brand was originally known in Japan as a respected manufacturer of professional kitchen equipment. The Takahiro kettle has now become a popular model with professional Japanese baristas and passionate enthusiasts of the home-based, pour over filter coffee movement.

Product Q&A

It is preference, but Takahiro kettle has the edge in terms of precision pouring and control. If you're after control in your pour-over experience Takahiro is the preferred brand for high-end cafes and coffee lovers.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Chung C.

The kettle offers very good control of where the water lands on the coffee bed and it is well made. Keep in mind water stream will be thin and maximum flow rate is limited for this model due to the size of the spout, so applicability will depend on required technique, size of coffee, flow rate, etc.


👍🏻We love it!


I love it

What a lovely kettle

I use it every morning for my coffee. It’s really easy to control the water flow. The design is chic and the grip is good. It’s a perfect match for hand drip coffee

Maethee C.

Best kettle, this really made a huge difference to my brew