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The must-have for Torch fans-- Pitchii Glass Mug

(We were all waiting for this, right?)

Many must have fallen in love with Pitchii Glass Server at first sight. It's elegant, minimalistic. And many must have fallen in love again when they used it-- it's practical, light weight and matches with anything really, complimenting your kitchen. It is a lovely piece. And some of them must have wished-- it would be perfect if there's a mug like this.  

Made with the same heat-resistance glass and with the same shape, this Glass Mug Pitchii is like a miniature of Pitchii Glass Server, which maximise and deliver the aroma with it's unique shape.

You can put Torch Mountain Dripper directly on top of this mug, and enjoy watching the dripping process.


Compatible with most brands of coffee dripper, including Torch, Hario, Kono and Kalita.
Material: Heat resistant glass, safe to 120 degrees C


    Size: W11 x D6.7 x H9.5cm (including handle)
    Weight: 184g (Shipping weight 250g)
    Capacity: 200ml
    Designed in Japan, handmade in China


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