Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper - Natural


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One of a kind Wooden Dripper

The Yasukivo Wooden Dripper is beautifully handcrafted using the Yamanaka-shikki lacquerware method, resulting in a product of both intricate design and lasting quality.

Yamanaka-shikki lacquerware originated in the Ishikawa prefecture of Japan, and the methods themselves have been used since the 18th century. Pieces are carved one-by-one by skilled artisans, masters of turning the lathe and carefully applying the blade to manipulate and shape the wood.

The secret of Yamanaka-shikki craftsmanship is tategidori – the way in which the artisans trim the wood used in crafting their wares. Tategidori involves the cutting of wood horizontally, along the grain, rather than the common practice of cutting vertically. This results in a finished product that is far more durable and lasting – a quality that can be appreciated in any century.

This brilliant and time-honored craftsmanship allows the Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper to easily withstand hot water; Intricately-carved latitudinal ribs contain the water within the dripper for the perfect amount of time, extracting all of the nuanced flavors and aromas from the coffee within.

You will be surprised and delighted by the light weight of this durable and attractive piece of usable art!


    Handmade in Ishikawa, Japan
    Superb craftsmanship allows lightness, durability, and beauty in these wooden drippers
    Use 2 person Hario (01) or Kono cone paper filters


      Material: Natural Wood
      Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave use
      Please handwash and avoid any chemical detergents which may discolor wood
      Made in Japan

      Customer Questions

      Question: What filter does Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper use?
      Answer: We recommend 2 person Hario (01) or Kono cone paper filt
      Question: Does the wooden dripper require any sort of conditioning oil or certain upkeep other than rinsing?
      Answer: No, you do not need to put anything to maintain the wood.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 39 reviews
      Very special piece

      Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper has changed my brewing experience. Everytime that I touch on it I think about the passion that led the skillful hands to built this dripper. I once heard a word in Greek that is often used to describe something that was made with soul. The word is Meraki and I'm pretty sure that this dripper is a result of a meraki process


      Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper - Natural


      Like it to much

      Beautifully Crafted

      You won't regret this unique wooden dripper that's beautifully shaped and handcrafted. Shipping was prompt.

      Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper - Natural

      Beautiful, lightweight and good design! I love it and enjoy brewing coffee with it.

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