Yoshikawa Wood Handle Coffee Pour Over Kettle (1.0L)


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Beautiful shine and wooden handles

In sleek stainless steel, with a rustic birch-wood handle, this professional, barista-style kettle is the perfect pourer for making great filter coffee! The secret is in the slim, elegantly curved spout, which allows perfect control of the pour.

Baristas and dedicated filter coffee drinkers agree that a slow, precision-pour is essential to release the full flavor of your favorite coffee beans. With its iconic styling and timeless appeal, this classic coffee kettle is also incredibly practical.

The high-grade steel base is suitable for almost any kitchen stove or heat source. The stylish birch-wood handle ensures that the kettle is easy to move and use – without burning your fingers!


Minimalistic design, provides beautiful pour 
Made in Tsubame city, Japan an area known as the cornerstone of metal craftsmanship
Wooden handles make handling of hot kettle effortless
Suitable for electric, induction, gas and wood stoves. 


    Material: Stainless steel 18-8 / Natural Wood Handles
    Size: 30.5 x 16.5 cm
    Weight: 445g (Shipping weight 700g)
    Capacity: 1L
    Made in Japan
    Maintenance tip: Stainless steel hates chlorine in tap water.
    If the product shows some rusty spots, mix vinegar with water (10% density or more)
    and boil in the product. If the surface gets cloudy, it can be a crystallized calcium. Apply some cleanser and rub. 


    Customer Reviews

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    it is worth the price

    overall the handler feel balance although the kettle filled full of water and it ease to control the water flow
    however colour of the wood on the knob and handler, i feel a bit weird if compare to the website's picture.