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TRUNK Coffee Bar: October 2015 Kurasu Partner Roaster Subscription

This month, you’re sampling two carefully selected and roasted coffees from TRUNK COFFEE.

Based out of Nagoya City, TRUNK COFFEE has been roasting their way to critical acclaim for the past 14 months. A deep-rooted passion for coffee derived from a spell in Denmark, has inspired co-owners, Yasuo Suzuki and Kiyohito Tanaka, to create a unique Scandinavian coffee culture in one of Japan’s most conservative cities.  Casting aside a role in corporate boredom, head roaster Suzuki san reimagined his career to become the first Japanese barista in Denmark (a legacy which is continued today in TRUNK’s Denmark designed logo).  After continuing to study coffee production and roasting techniques around the world including Hawaii, Australia, Denmark and Norway, Suzuki san returned to infuse the existing coffee culture in Nagoya with third wave culture and specialty coffee.  The result is the incredible TRUNK COFFEE café and coffee bar.

TRUNK uses the ubiquitous Probat machine for its roasting, and uses the Kalita Wave Dripper for immaculate pour overs. They are also in limited company in offering aeropress, a method still relatively new to Japanese cafés.

In addition to serving great coffee TRUNK also hold interactive cupping workshops and tasting sessions for the discerning coffee expert.


1. Costa Rica/HERBAZU  

Process: Yellow Honey
Altitude: 1500m
Taste: Cashews, Sugarcane, and Green Apple
Body: A deep blend pairing the soft nutty taste of cashews with the sweetness of sugar cane, and just a hint of refreshing green apple to finish.

2. Ethiopia /HAMA 

Process: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1600m2000m
Taste: Orange, Dried Fruit, and Lavender
Body: The citrus flavor from the orange balances perfectly with a soft aroma of lavender. 

The acidic burst given by the blend is sweet yet dry, with a delicate floral undertone.

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