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My Favorite Morning Coffee

I love this blend so much, I've multiple dark roasted blends and this is the only one that stands out.

Arrived safely in Indonesia

Great dripper. the different between flow screens is significant . aesthetically design!

(アーカイブ)Premium: Ethiopia Hamasho [Light roast]

This makes a great cup.

A delicious and balanced cold brew in easy to brew format. Amazing product.

Nice server

This server has perfect size for 2 cups and looks very pretty. Love it.

best filter ever

very good server

Rwanda Ruli Honey [Light Roast]
Beautiful Rwandan Coffee!

A great coffee that highlights everything that's great about it's origin! Lovely hot or cold!

Mini Among Classics

A great option to substitute your favorite mug just in case you need to split the coffee with someone else

Think Of A Yellow Ferrari Among Coffee Mugs

Ferrari would wish their yellow model was this great

Light Roast We Wish We Had In Europe

Great shortlist of their light roast range impossible to find in Europe


I have used the pot for 1 week and hand roasted a familiar Colombian but much darker than I go usually go but I wanted that sheen. My full experience was excellent the kettle is so comfortable and controllable once I got better at t moving the nel with the pit stationary. I used 20g into 100 g of water over 4 min. and the bean depth was 20% moisture loss. Also really like it with the V60 it is. I like it even more after using it and feeling the quality. Thank you.

Great brewer so far

Consistently brewed amazing coffee and have not experienced any stalling or problems. Quality is very nice and aesthetics as well.

A pleasure to use!

I find myself using it for other than matcha. Absolutely lovely!


I received my Daibo kettle in 4 days including a weekend in Canada. I couldn't wait so I washed it up and set up for a coffee...V60 and a lightly roasted Sumatran coffee. First impression!! small....but mighty. I was a little surprised by the size, a bit smaller than my Kalita Pelican, but it is also nice and light. Bla Bla Bla, Ok the big reveal....IT IS AWESOME! I started and the pour was a beautiful stream of rivulets....I couldn't stop...It feels so good and it is so easy to control. I can't wait to go full 'Daibo' with some fresh dark roast a nel and this lovely Kettle. Thank you so much to excellent team at Kurasu, you have upped my cup!

Cera Filter 001
Olha V.

The best tool for the coffee lovers and for the one who thinks about sustainability

Perfectly Balanced and Flavorful

I've tried numerous ceremony grade matcha teas and this is by far best one. It's perfectly balanced and so flavorful. I feel great mentally and physically after having this every morning!

Cold Brew Bag
Eun-Sang N.
Great as always

Perfect to use for current season

Super functional dripper

Everything you want from both worlds

Wonderful coffee subscription! highly recommend

My sister and her husband recommended me to Kurasu, and ever since I've always tried to visit their cafes when I can. I was so pleased to learn they did a subscription service to the us, and its been great getting not only a selection of their beans which I always love, but also their partner roasters and seeing blurbs about them. It's always so exciting!

(アーカイブ)Seasonal Blend Haru Kochi 2024 [Medium roast]
Simon L.
Good coffee for the season

The good fever of the floral aroma, fruit and black tea taste are really good to enjoy for the coffee time. I really like the fresh taste and it is really easy to make the good coffee with it.

Been having this subscription for many years

(アーカイブ)Premium: Ethiopia Hamasho [Light roast]
One of my favorite coffees

One of my favorite coffees. I especially liked the lemon and cider notes.

(アーカイブ)El Salvador Ever Diaz [Light Roast]
Coffee with exceptional taste

Coffee with exceptional taste. The orange note amazes the papillae

(アーカイブ)Seasonal Blend Haru Kochi 2024 [Medium roast]
Delicious coffee to honor the arrival of spring

Delicious coffee to honor the arrival of spring. It's perfect for the middle of the afternoon.