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Super produit
Rien à en redire

it is worth the price

overall the handler feel balance although the kettle filled full of water and it ease to control the water flow
however colour of the wood on the knob and handler, i feel a bit weird if compare to the website's picture.

Kalita copper pot 0.7L

Good service, quick response, but the quality of the product is not good, even changed for me in second time

Dear Billy, thank you for your review. We sent the faulty item back to Kalita for them to check, and they have informed us that it was faulty, and it somehow got through their factory check and they apologized. We highly trust Kalita products' quality, and it would be appreciated if we could note here that it's a rare case. We will once again look into our quality control system as well to better spot those cases. Thank you again for shopping with us!

Miyaco Single Drip Mahogany/White Birch

Form + Function

The first thing you notice about this dripper is its obvious beauty. Upon closer inspection you see that it's a very well thought out product. The interior geometry of concentric rings ensures even extraction without the bed agitation other conical drippers produce. Since wood is a terrible conductor of heat you don't have the heat loss issues of ceramic, glass or metal. It's very light weight without the brittleness of glass or ceramic. In other words, if it slips out of your hand while washing it you don't have to worry about it shattering. But most importantly, you get a really delicious cup of coffee with this dripper. It's simple design is an elegant solution for single cup brewing.

Dear David, Thank you so much for your great review! We're very honored to hear that you've been enjoying Yasukiyo Wooden dripper, Happy Brewing!
Torch coffee measure house

It is a lovely surprise. Love it !

Hi Teoh, Thank you so much for the purchase and the review! Truly appreciate it.
pretty and functional

A birthday gift to myself and i absolutely love it!. Also! the product arrived quickly! keep up the good work kurasu!! i didn't have an issue with the lacquer/wood polish taste or the rough surface. maybe its just my batch of dripper that is ok.

Hi Emily, thank you for your review! It is indeed a beautiful gift, 120% agreed! We're glad to hear that you are happy with your new dripper, hope you are having an enjoyable brewing experience with it :)
love the black color donut

Great and beautiful product for coffee

Hi Patricia, thank you for your review! Glad to hear that you're enjoying brewing with your new dripper! thanks again, Kurasu

Excellent purchase. very pleased with the product. excellent service and pleasant attitude to the buyer. concern for the safety of parcels. I will recommend to all your store.

Hi Nesterenko, thank you for your great review!
Great !

The product itself is great, exactly as advertised, and has also made a significant change in the quality of the cup produced. The website and whole media around it was also great.

Hi Samuel, Thank you for your kind words! It would be much appreciated! Thank you for shopping with us :)
Love it

I love that it is fully design and function

Thank you Navasanant for the review! Glad you loved it.
Beautiful wooden dripper

The Yasukiyo wooden dripper surprised me not only with its beautiful handcrafted design, but is also super lightweight.
The extraction was flawless, extracting the coffee nicely using a ratio of 1:16.
Well done.

Thank you very much for your review! Great to hear that you're enjoying brewing with Yasukiyo, it is truly a nice one to have. Also we spotted our new Miyaco single drip back there, yay! Thank you for sharing the ratio as well, much appreciated :) xxx
Sexy Gear...

Thank you Kurasu. It's only takes a week to get here in front of me.
Everything just in perfect condition, just only very little tiny crack. But it's okey.
Definitely worth to have this sexy gear.

Thank you so much for shopping with us! Sorry to hear about the crack, hope it's not inconveniencing you. Also thank you so much for the wonderful pictures, much appreciated! xx
5 star

Great Product and Service.
This dripper is great, I love to use it, this is the only dripper with I can produce only superb coffee drinks. Thank You for the great service!

Thank you so much! It's great to hear that our products are working well for you, and thank you so much for the cool photo as well! xx
Love it!

Had been using normal dripper from Daiso for years and decided to upgrade it into this Porcelain Mountain Dripper. It doesn't just make me a great cup of coffee every morning, but also adds a wonderful visual pleasure to my eyes.

Thank you very much for your review! Wonderful to hear that you are enjoying your new addition to your kitchen, and wow, cool pic! So great to see our products doing great and fitting well! Thank you again :) xx
Great !!!

My favorite pour over brewing method, creates a cup that's exactly suited to me. Love Kalita wave 155, love Kurasu.

Thank you very much for the review! Glad you liked it, and also thank you for the cool pic:)
Kalita Wave Tsubame

My new toy kalita wave tsubame

Thank you for the great photo! It looks perfect in your chic interior!
Gorgeous Olive Wood

I have been eyeing this one since my sister in law got one.. and I'm so glad i finally got it! Not only is it beautiful to look at!! it is perfect for 1-2 cups of coffee.

Thanks Kurasu Team for delivering my Hario to me in lighting speed!
Definitely coming back for more orders! love your online shop!! makes it so much easier for a coffee addict like me to get equipment and beans :)

Thank you for your review here too! Also thank you for the great photo, very nice! We're very encouraged by your kind words, and are so glad that we could help you enjoy your coffee more! Looking forward to welcoming you back soon :)
Great product!

Good service, package arrived safelly last week. Great product! Very ease to use, great filter. Love it. Now I can make my own cold brew coffee . Cheers!

Thank you Olaf for the review with such an awesome picture! Totally agree that making your own cold brew is definitely special....:) Thank you again for shopping with us! :)
Top notch

Pure craftsmanship that looks great and brews an even better cup.

Thank you for your reveiw! Wow, that's a very cool photo! We're glad to know that the new addition is now a part of it. Thank you again for shopping with us! :)
Thank you

Im satisfied from the service and the delivery ❤️

Thank you for your review! WOW, there's some really cool stuff out there! It's so nice to see that our product is now a part of it. Enjoy brewing! :)