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Kurasu Cafe

・Kyoto, Japan・

Cafe event at Kurasu Kyoto Stand:

  1. "Kosuke and Ayaka take over Kurasu Kyoto Stand!⁠"
    On the 30th of March, Kosuke and Ayaka will be at Kyoto Stand ready to caffeinate you. So be sure to drop by, say hi, and drink some coffee with them between the time of 1 pm to 5 pm.⁠

  2. "Change in business hours notice for Kurasu Kyoto Stand!"
    On Tuesday, 28th of March, 2023 Kurasu Kyoto Stand’s opening hours will be changed from 8 am to 12 pm.

    Even though our opening time will be shorter than usual, and at 11:45 am, 15 minutes before closing time, the coffee can only be enjoyed to-go, be sure to drop by and enjoy some of our delicious cups of coffee.

Kurasu Kyoto Stand

Opened in August 2016.

Kurasu Kyoto is a specialty coffee stand located 5 minutes from Kyoto Station.

Kurasu Ebisugawa

Kurasu Ebisugawa opened in July, 2020.

Located on Ebisugawa Street, known as the furniture street, Kurasu Ebisugawa represents Kurasu's founding spirit; to support our customers' home-brew experience. 

Kurasu Nishijin Roastery

In August 2021, we moved our roastery from Fushimi Inari to Nishijin, northwest of Kyoto.

Once a month, we open up our roastery to the public and server selections of single origin and blend coffee along with freshly baked original sweets.

(Opening schedule updates through our social media)

・Singapore, Singapore・

Kurasu Singapore

Kurasu opened its first overseas shop in July 2017.

After 3 full years in Singapore, the flagship store located at 261 Waterloo Street was opened.

We serve the same lineup of coffee in our Kyoto branch, partnering with specialty roasters from around Japan.

・Bangkok, Thailand・

Kurasu Bangkok

We launched our second overseas shop in Bangkok, Thailand in 2019.

Run by the amazing local team Kurasu Bangkok, the coffee shop situated in Bambini Villa attracts customers with its stylish appearance and quality service.