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Kurasu Ebisugawa

"The concept of Kurasu Ebisugawa cafe is to celebrate the home-brew experience. The brewing gear we use at the cafe may also be found in many home kitchens and in the arsenal of many home-brew enthusiasts.

To chat with our barista and see some brew gears in action, visit our Ebisugawa cafe!"

551 Yamanakacho, Nakagyo Ward
Kyoto, Japan

Opening Hours: 10am-6pm
(check our social media announcements for closing days)

Located on Ebisugawa Street, known as the furniture street, Kurasu Ebisugawa represents Kurasu's founding spirit; to support our customers' home-brew experience. 

One of the key characteristics of this cafe/store is that all of our drinks are prepared with home-brew equipment. Take a look around the brewing counter and you would notice that there are no professional grinders or espresso machines. We only use products lined up on our shelves across the counter or available from our online store, and we're more than happy to demonstrate how to use them by preparing your drinks. From filter coffee to AeroPress latte, we offer a range of drinks that you can try for yourself at home. 

All of the coffee beans we use are roasted in Kurasu Nishijin Roastery, ranging from light to dark roast. Don't forget to check out original sweets from Kashi by Kurasu, too!

A quick walk from the Imperial Palace, come drop by to check out brewing equipment and delicious drinks; feel free to have a chat with our staff, and let's make your home-brew experience extra special!