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1616/Arita TY Plate

Exquisitely conceived by Japanese designer, Teruhiro Yanagihara, these 1616/Arita TY White Series Plates take tableware to the next level. Light and graceful in the hand, this Arita-yaki ceramic ware has a heritage that is said to date back to 1616.Even with their origins in the distant past, the minimal design of these handmade ceramic cups is distinctly modern.

It's beautiful minimalistic look is the perfect backdrop in enhancing whatever is put on it. This plate pairs perfectly well with the 1616/Arita TY Mug collection!

Title: Square Plate 130
Color: White (Glazed)

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Product Details

Size:Square plate 130 (W127 × D105 × H15mm)
Material: Porcelain

Size: Square plate 165: W165×D140×H15mm
Material: Porcelain

*Since this item is unglazed, the small black spots may appear during the firing process, and they are not defects

Handmade in Japan

If a new stain shows up, please clean with a melamine sponge

Suitable for:
Oven (for unglazed products)

About 1616 Arita

Arita town located on Kyushu Island, southern Japan, is known as the birthplace of Arita-yaki, traditional Japanese pottery. It is said that in the year 1616, the art of pottery was brought to this town from Korea. In 2012, Teurhiro Yanagihara led the way as the creative director to establish a new brand for Momota-Touen Corporation. He and the local skilled craftsmen of Arita reflected on the history of Arita to integrate the tradition of Arita-yaki with contemporary design.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Beautiful cups and plates, really fast delivery even though it was Japan to Europe.

Alvin W.

Very ig-able with coffee and bakery. A nice plate with sweet and coffee for afternoon break

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