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Kurasu Singapore

"Bringing the Japanese specialty coffee scene from Kyoto to Singapore."

261 Waterloo St, #01-24, Singapore 180261

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Kurasu opened its first overseas shop in July 2017, partnering with co-working space The Company. Situated in Odeon Towers.

After 3 full years in Singapore, the flagship store located at 261 Waterloo Street was opened.

We serve the same lineup of coffee in our Kyoto branch, partnering with specialty roasters from around Japan, as well as providing our coffee which we roast on a Giesen W6.

Coffee is shipped fresh weekly in an express package, taking 2 days to reach us from our cafes in Kyoto.

We have now a full range of products to share and sell. We love our customers coming down and interacting with quality Japanese brewing goods available only for Kurasu.

"What does coffee mean to you?"

"Coffee means the world to me! It taught me life lessons that I couldn’t have learned anywhere else. I love how coffee is also such a complex commodity, shape-shifting according to one’s preference or how we decide to present it.

Coffee also finds a way to humble people. It can be simple or complex if you want it to be. I have always hoped to brew the best cup of coffee but through time I realized, the only person that should validate the coffee is yourself. If you won’t drink your coffee, who would? Maybe I’ll never fully understand coffee but I don’t plan to stop!"

-Angelo (Kurasu Singapore)