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aoma coffee (Osaka) : 2022 February #KurasuPartnerRoaster

The #KurasuPartnerRoaster for this month is aoma coffee from Osaka.

We are delighted to be partnering with the owner and the roaster, Aono-san, for the third time- first when he was with EMBANKMENT Coffee, then when he opened aoma coffee in July 2020. On the previous interviews we asked him all about his first step in the industry and about the early days (check out our blogs and YouTube videos!), and this time we focused more on how he established his own style in the unique coffee culture in Osaka.

“Some describe the food and beverages scene ‘a sauce culture’, as in the thick strong sauce you often see on many local foods, and that local people love and are used to high impact, intense flavor palates. What’s expected on the coffee scene is no exception, and cafes around here tend to go all in for the first impact and impression on the first few sips”, says Aono-san.

However, Aono-san explains that his idea of what a good coffee is that he’s been cherishing since his early days appears to be different from that of the local culture. “I don’t go for surprises and eccentricity. I value more balanced, low-key composition that grows on you as you drink. It’s not about the flamboyant first impression, but you’d notice that you don’t put the mug down until you finish it. And you’d want to have it over and over again- that’s my idea of good coffee”, explains Aono-san.

Located in a business district, aoma coffee sees a wider variety of customers; some travels to Honmachi sorely to visit them, and the others would hop in to grab a quick cup before and after their long day at office.

Imagine having a good cafe right near your office- it would be difficult not to go every day. Aono-san also takes charge in purchasing green beans, valuing a good solid terroir expressed in them rather than a flashy flavor or a surprise element.


The Rwandan coffee he picked for our subscription is from a hard working community of producers that creates a high quality, great tasting coffee.

The other beans from Honduras is a high quality hybrid beans, which is still a rarity in the modern coffee scene- this is a fruit of well studied technology and a proper care and management of the producer, and this variety shows a great flavor of Honduras coffee while being resilient to coffee rust and has a high yield.

Aono-san’s next goal is to open a roastery- stay tuned to his journey and have a great time with your coffee!