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Brew guide on iced pour-over coffee

Today we will be sharing Kurasu's latest iced pour-over coffee brew guide! Join our Head Barista Tsubasa and let's get into the recipe. 

Checkout our YouTube video: 

What you need:

 Also, don't forget you will need ice cubes!

Here are the products used in the video:

Light Roast Coffee: Brazil Caio Pereira
Dripper: Hario V60 Dripper 02 Tetsu Kasuya Model
Server: TORCH Coffee Server Pitchii
Scale: Hario V60 Drip Scale Black 

Two key points for keeping in mind to make good coffee: 

1. Ratio 
2. Time

Let's get brewing!

Step by step:

Add 70g of ice cubes inside your server. 
1st pour: 40g of hot water (in 10 seconds).
Agitate with spoon 2-3 times. 

2nd pour: 60g of hot water (in 10 seconds) 

3rd pour: 50g of hot water (in 10 seconds).
Pour gently to adjust the concentration and stir the coffee bed once at the end.

Finish brew: at 2 minutes 10 seconds
Tip: make sure that all of the ice inside the server is melted.

Now just put ice cubes in a glass and pour in the finished coffee. 

We hope you enjoyed this recipe! 
Checkout our YouTube video for a more information.

Happy home brewing!