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Congrats to Ayaka (change in cafe hours Sat 11/16)

You may have met Ayaka and her contagious smile if you've visited Kurasu Kyoto.


She has has been with us since day 1 when we opened our first physical shop in August 2016, and instrumental to our success and growth in Kyoto. We're so lucky to have her represent Kurasu with her passion for coffee and people.


That’s why we're so happy for her marriage and ceremony happening this weekend on the 16th! Congratulations Ayaka!


Kurasu Kyoto will be closed early at 1pm and Fushimi Inari will be closed the whole day this Saturday on the 16thin order for all of our staff to be able to attend the celebrations happening later in the afternoon. We’re sorry for the inconvenience but hope you understand that we couldn’t miss this for the world!