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Guest Barista/ Aeropress Seminar with MANLY COFFEE Event Photo Report

On the May 27th, Sunaga-san from MANLY COFFEE, Fukuoka served superb coffee at Kurasu Kyoto as a guest barista, and hosted a very inspiring Aeropress seminar!

Sunaga-san served perfect coffee using Aeropress, after the thorough adjustment to the water in Kyoto by changing the grind, the amount of coffee she uses, water temperature, etc. Latte, Americano and the inverted method using light roast Ethiopia natural, and standard and inverted using Colombia were served.

Many customers were amazed by her gorgeous coffee and by learning that we can make latte with Aeropress. We also tried espresso with Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural, and its rose-like flavor was amazing! With milk, it gave us a long lasting strawberry milk-like aftertaste.

It was a great opportunity to learn Aeropress from Sunaga-san, who has joined World Aeropress Championship and started the first Aeropress Championship in Japan--so many questions were asked and the atmosphere was just great! Thank you so much Sunaga-san for showing us the great possibilities of Aeropress!

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Photos from the day>>