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Hand Drip Seminar July 10th: Event Report by Ayaka

We hosted our regular hand drip workshop at Kurasu Kyoto, on July 10th.

This time we focused on "how to make a good cup of iced coffee" to prepare for the raging summer heat! Ayaka and Kosuke shared their tips for making great iced coffee from how to choose beans to how to grind and how to drip, so that everyone can enjoy making one at home. 

This time, we welcomed many new guests who visited us for the first time- we are feeling so blessed to see lovely familiar faces and meeting new people! 

First, our baristas demonstrated the brewing process. Everyone was paying close attention to the every move, taking notes intensely.  




Then they tried the coffee we brewed, and see what kind of flavor they can find from the cup. Acidity, sweetness, bitterness- "not sure yet but it tastes good!" they said.  

Now it's time to brew it yourself! Two people at a time, face to face with us and we followed the steps and brewed. Everyone then tried the coffee they brewed and shared what they think. After exchanging their thought, we explained why a certain flavor get extracted, how it happens and how to improve several things. 



On the second round, everyone focused on the important tips they learned from the first time, and brewed a beautiful cup! 

We hope everyone is enjoying a good iced coffee at home. Thank you so much for joining us!