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How to brew 2 cups at once? How we do it at Kurasu

We have been getting a lot of questions from our customers about how to brew 2 cups at once.

Although we are professionals, we do not have magical hands that make things work automatically- just like any other coffee enthusiasts, we make hypotheses, go through trials and errors and make necessary adjustments.

This time, we walk you through our experiments and trials and share our recipe built for brewing 2 cups.


First, we made a hypothesis that we can simply multiply the recipe for a single cup brew depending on how much we want to make.

What we found out as a result was that while simply doubling the amount of coffee and water, and the amount of hot water we pour each time (from first pour to fourth pour) worked, but we had to adjust the grind size 2 clicks coarser.
We also found that more thorough agitation when we bloomed the coffee resulted in a sweeter cup.

One issue we encountered by doubling the single cup brew to brew 2 cups is that it extended the total brewing time by about 30 seconds.

Generally speaking, the longer the brewing time, the more it’s extracted.
The resulting cup will be less light, less acidic, but become thicker and sweeter instead.

We then tried adjusting the grind size to control the brewing time, and made the grind size 2 clicks coarser.

As we changed the grind size coarser click by click, the brewing time decreased by 5 - 10 seconds each time. When we moved 2 clicks coarser, the total brewing time finally matched the ideal length.

However, by reducing the brewing time, the final cup became a little too clean and lacking impact.

It’s delicious enough, but if you prefer a sweet cup, we recommend giving a thorough agitation and blooming to maximize the complex fruitiness and sweetness.

Here is our final recipe:
Hario V60 (02 size)
Ethiopia Kelloo #6

Coffee: Water = 26g : 400g

00:00- 12 Pour 80g of hot water
00:40- 52 Pour 120g of hot water (200g of water poured in total so far)
01:10- 22 Pour 100g of hot water (300g of water poured in total so far)
01:40- 52 Pour another 100g (400g of hot water poured in total so far)
02:40- 50 Finish brewing

Controlling the pouring speed is also important when you brew multiple cups at a time-even if you grind the coffee coarser, brewing time will still be long if you pour slowly.

One of the great things about pourover is that slow, Zen moment of pouring the hot water- but when you make 2 cups at a time, channel your inner speedster and pour dynamically, and quickly.

Enjoy brewing!

Kosuke’s Detailed Note: Testing 2-cups brew

Doubling the single cup brew recipe will work.

1st test
13g coffee : 200g water -> 26g coffee : 400g water
Grind size: 8.5 (same as single cup brew)
Total brewing time: 02:52
The final cup has a lot of body, with unpleasant flavor in the aftertaste. Clearly overly extracted.

2nd test
Adjusted the grind size to 9.0
Total brewing time: 02:47
Comparatively less body, but still overly extracted.

3rd test
Adjusted the grind size to 9.5
Total brewing time: 02:42
Light bodied, clean and clear cup. A rather flat tasting, probably a little too clean. Not enough flavor.

To brew 2 cups at once, double the single cup brew recipe, and adjust the grind size to 1-2 clicks coarser.