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Kurasu Kyoto Event - Guest Barista PNB Coffee

We would like to thank every one of you who made yesterday’s Kurasu’s collaborative event with PNB Coffee great! At first we were a bit worried that the chilly weather may have kept you in the house—but we eventually got full-house with people allured by the fascinating aroma of coffee! PNB Coffee kindly visited us with 4 different kinds of beans roasted in Denmark; La Cabra from Conga, Kenya, 2 Ethiopian ones (coffee collective). They were served by hand dripping, and also prepared as “aeropress tonic”, mixing tonic water with coffee brewed with aeropress. Kenya beans from this coffee collective is the very coffee which led Peter to the coffee world (the coffee which won the second prize in the World Brewing Competition).

All the coffee were lightly roasted to maximise the natural sweetness of the beans, which resulted in very fruity, sweet and full of flavour, absolutely wonderful cup of coffee realized by Peter’s meticulous hand dripping technique.

Peter has been introducing hand dripping to people in Denmark, where espresso is deeply rooted in, to make the most of the flavour of beans. It was a rare opportunity for us to experience the coffee roasted in Denmark, and we are very grateful that we could offer many customers from all over the world to enjoy those coffee. Thank you again for coming, and thank you ever so much Peter and Ayumi for sharing the best coffee and a great time with us!