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Kurasu’s Recipe for Cold Brew Coffee: HARIO Filter in Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

Heat wave is upon us, and it seems inescapable- how do we survive? The answer is, "cold brew." 

With HARIO  Filter in Cold Brew Coffee Bottle, making this refreshing dew of heaven at home is easier than you think. Today, we share our recipe of cold brew at Kurasu Kyoto, to rescue our fellow coffee lovers from the raving sun. 

Things you need:

HARIO Filter-in Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

Coffee grind 50g (EK #10, coarse)

Room temperature water 750g

Your favorite kettle

Digital scale


 1) Put the coffee grind in the strainer, put the silicone frame on it and set in the bottle.



2) Open the silicone cap and slowly pour the water to gradually extract the coffee (the extract will be light brown at first.)


3) Pour 750g of water, put the cap on and let it extract for several hours. The extraction time can be adjusted according to your preference, but at Kurasu we usually let it rest for 8-15 hours.


4) Remove the strainer from the bottle once the extraction finishes, and refreshing cold brew is ready to serve!

We recommend you keep the bottle in the fridge once the extraction completes and consume it within two days.

To adjust the flavor and strength, try reducing the amount of water, add 5g more of coffee grind to extract etc.- small changes can make a big difference, so please enjoy exploring your taste!

Cold brew is compatible with wide range of roast from light roast to medium-dark roast. At Kurasu Kyoto, we use Costa Rican light roast and extracting the light, juicy fruitiness.

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