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Our Coffee Story: Kyosuke, Back Office Team

Hello everyone!
We are happy to present another blog for the “Our Coffee Story” series. 

Kurasu is a place people with rich personalities come together and bond over their love of coffee. All of our staff have their own interesting stories related to their coffee journey.

Today we are back with the story from our Back Office Team member, Kyosuke. 

Kyosuke is one of the forces working behind the scene to provide support so the rest of the Kurasu members can perform their best every day. 

Although he does not get to meet our customers in person on a daily bases, he has a unique coffee journey that we would like to share with you. 

We hope you enjoy his story! 


It's been a few days since I got the assignment to write my “Our Coffee Story”.

While thinking about my own unique coffee journey, I was reading a coffee shop blog I had written when I was a student. Then, the words “childhood home” and "family" came to mind, one after the other.

I knew, then and there that this was it.

So, if you don't mind, please join me for a moment to talk about coffee and my parents' house.

“Coffee and my parents’ house”
(Childhood memories of my father at the coffee shop called “Popote”)

“My favorite coffee brew gear”

“Thus, I am now at Kurasu”

Chapter 1: “Coffee and my parents’ house”

My father was a salesman for a securities company.

On his way to Senri-Chuo, Osaka, for his rounds, he would stop by a coffee shop called Popote for a cup of coffee and a cigarette. On the weekends, he would take, the then 4 years old me, to that coffee shop.

I would order a 400 yen cream soda, and the lady at Popote would buy me a 500 yen comic book. It was like going to visit my grandma's house. I used to look forward to going there with my father every time.

Ten years later, I was in middle school. I think was busier then than I am now, with club activities, studying, and playing. I gave my all to everything.

In winter, I will be studying late into the night, exhausted, and fell asleep at my desk. When I woke up, determined to study harder, my mother would offer me a cup of coffee.

That was when I started drinking coffee.

Then, when I was in university, I moved out of my parent’s house in Aichi and moved back to Osaka. During my time at university, I started going to coffee shops.

There were a couple of coffee shops in particular that I frequented. I would drop in at any time of the day, before my part-time job, during my lunch break, or on holidays, to chat (or not) with the shop owner (normally referred to as “master” in Japanese kissaten cafes) over a cup of coffee or two. 


In the blog I was writing at the time, I used words like “a home-like sense of security" and I was sure that, that sort of feeling was what I wanted. 

As an aside, I would get quite nervous to take someone I am dating to the coffee shop I frequented, in a sense, it feels like I am taking them to my parents’ house.

Chapter 2: “My favorite coffee brew gears”

My favorite coffee brew gear is the TORCH Coffee Server Pitchii.

I actually just bought it recently. At home, I used to brew my coffee directly into a mug to avoid washing more dishes, but after using it every day while brewing coffee at Kurasu Ebisugawa, I've grown attached to it.

What makes it so appealing to me is its simple design. I like the cleanliness of it, free of any marks or logos, I think it shows off the coffee inside beautifully. When your coffee drops into the Pitchii server and you lightly stir, it is an exciting moment.

On the weekends, I am a home barista using my TORCH Server Pitchii, Hario V60 dripper, and Fellow kettle. I serve it to everyone at my share house.

Chapter 3: “Thus, I am now at Kurasu”

After my university days came to an end, I visited Kurasu for the first time while in the process of looking for a new job due to various reasons.

At that time, I remember feeling like I was at a familiar coffee shop, with that home-like secure feeling, as if I was at my parents' house.

I went to the Kurasu Kyoto Stand with some reservations after looking at the store's website, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was much warmer than I had expected, and thought, "I want to work here”. This feeling has not changed, and in fact, it has only increased.

I am very happy to be a member of the Kurasu family.

Did you enjoy Kyosuke’s story? 

Kyosuke had already made his debut at a coffee shop at the age of 4.

His unique atmosphere and sense of security that he exudes were cultivated through his experiences and environment, and we, who spend a lot of time with him on a daily basis, can understand why.

We hope that Kurasu will be a place where everyone can feel relaxed and at ease. 

Now, please look forward to the next “Our Coffee Story”.