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Special cupping and talk session with GOOD COFFEE FARMS from Guatemala!

On Sep 23 (Mon), we will host a cupping and a talk session at Kurasu Kyoto, with a special guest!
We invited Mr. Carlos Melen from GOOD COFFEE FARMS who runs this wonderful organisation that supports small sized farmers in Guatemala to produce great coffee, in sustainably and eco-friendly way.

At this event we are excited to learn all about their activities and novel ideas, especially about their Dry Bicycle Pulping method. The pulping machine runs simply by pedalling, and it requires no electricity, no water, and causes no pollution. At this cupping, Carlos-san will introduce many wonderful farms which haven’t been introduced to the world before. All are from micro/nano lot, and extremely rare- don’t miss it! Join us on the way to go to enjoy great coffee in the sustainable future!

September 23rd, 18:30- (1.5h)
Capacity: 20 people
Admission fee: 500JPY
At Kurasu Kyoto

The event will be mainly conducted in Japanese.

If you would like to attend, please email us at cafe@kurasu.kyoto with your name, the number of attendants and your phone number. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Kurasu Kyoto!