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    #kurasucoffee from Basking Coffee is on the way!

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    We’re happy to let all the subscribers know that the beans from Basking Coffee were shipped out to you today! Enohara-san gave us details and some tips for how to enjoy his coffee more!

    <Recipe by Enohara-san>
    Recommended Methods: French Press (Basic choice at Basking Coffee), Aeropress, Chemex, Hario V60
    Coffee 10g, Water 180cc(94℃)
    Pour one-third (60cc in this case) of the water, wait for 30 sec, pour the rest, and wait for 4 mins.

    <Beans Profile>
    1. Shekinah 
    Region: Apaneca, El Salvador
    Altitude: 1700m
    Varietal: Bourbon
    Process: Fully Washed
    Flavour Note: Red Apple, Milk Caramel
    Clean cup

    2. Monte Alegre
    Region: Minas Gerais, Brazil
    Altitude: 1100m
    Varietal: Bourbon
    Process: Natural
    Flavour Note: Almond, Nuts, Honey
    Clear Cup

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