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Chasen - Matcha Whisk

A bamboo tea whisk carefully crafted in Nara, Japan with traditional techniques. 
Each whisk is made from one piece of bamboo, with a fascinating method of splitting the bamboo along its grain/fiber- the durable and flexible, brush-like tip aerates the liquid as you whisk, creating a fine, silky smooth matcha. 

It is said that there are only about 15 chasen craftsmen in Japan today- among those, Takayama chasen is crafted by extremely skillful hands, making it an long-lasting, excellent tool trusted by many.
Color: Black bamboo

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Product Details

Takayama Chasen is made by carefully performing all the following eight steps by hand.

Cut bamboo that has been aged for 2 to 3 years to the required size. Three types of raw materials are often used: white bamboo, black bamboo, and soot bamboo.

The first step to make the tips. Peel the epidermis of the tip from the upper half of the node. Then divide the part that will be the tip with a kitchen knife. There are differences depending on the thickness of the bamboo, but the standard is at least 12 - 24 cuts.

The process of breaking the part divided by the piece of wood into smaller pieces. When splitting, the sizes are split alternately.

4. "Aji Kezuri"
The process of making the most difficult and important tips that affect the taste of matcha. Carefully scrape the tips so that they are thinner than the roots. After that, the chasen gets squeezed so that it becomes round on the body to make it into shape.

5. "Mentori"
The process of scraping both corners of the chasen one by one and removing the corners. Eliminating the corners makes it difficult for the tea to adhere.

6. "First part / second part"
The process of performing the upper knitting by double threading to firmly fix the root of the lower knitted rising ear.

7. "Jyohen/ Gehen"
The process of determining the size of the chasen and adjusting the height and spacing of the falling ears and roots.

8. "Shiage"
The final process to correct the disorder of the tip and adjust the shape, height and interval to the tip.

Wash in luke warm water

Not dishwasher safe 

History of Takayama Chasen

Born in Takayama in Ikoma, Nara Prefecture, about 500 years ago during the Muromachi period. It is said that the tea master Murata Juko, who is said to be the founder ofWabi-cha, requested the production of a stirring tool suitable for the tea ceremony, and that it was created by Takayama Minbu-Irimichi Sosui.

After that, the Takayama Chasen that was created was presented to Emperor Gotomimon. He was extremely pleased with it, and received the name of "Takashi" from the emperor. Soseki was honored and worked hard to makechasenand improve his skills, and the manufacturing method became the story of the Takayama family. After that, when the Takayama family moved, the remaining 16 vassals entrusted the production of thechasen.

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awesome product

Works great

Got this with the chasen stand and love it. Works much better than the old cheap whisk we were using before.

Erick B.
Takayama Chasen

Awesome product!
Very durable and consistent unlike other knock off brands you find over the internet.
Highly recommend


good quality

Match set

Good quality and very traditional style