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Kurasu Coffee Subscription - Free Worldwide Shipping

Kurasu's coffee subscription plans are the perfect way for one to explore the Japanese coffee industry. We offer a variety of plans offer to suit your preferences. 

You can pause and resume your subscription or change your subscription plans anytime you wish. For more information see our FAQ below or contact our support team. 

Quantity: Partner Roaster 400g (20% off) - International Shipping

Kurasu Roaster Plan

Our Head Roaster Kosuke will carefully select two microlots each month to showcase various unique coffee. Roast level will be mostly light, however may include dark depending on the potential of the coffee beans.

There will be months where the coffee will be subscription exclusive. This means you won't be able to purchase in our online store. 

We seek to ensure maximum quality and value for each of our coffee to our members. All of our single origin will be roasted on Loring S35 Kestrel.

What to expect?

Beans: 2 kinds of microlot roasted beans by Head Roaster Kosuke (packed in 250g bags).

Pamphlet: includes bean information, recipe, and interview with roaster partner.

Plan options:
500g Plan (250g × 2): 6,500 yen
1kg Plan (250g × 4): 10,000 yen

Partner Roaster + Kurasu Roast Plan

You’ll be able to enjoy coffee from different coffee roasters each month while also receiving our favorite microlots roasted by Kurasu in our roastery in Kyoto, Japan.

This is our most popular subscription plan!

Plan options:
400g Plan [Partner Roaster (100g × 2) + Kurasu (100g× 2)]: 5,500 yen
900g Plan [Partner Roaster (200g × 2) + Kurasu (250g× 2)]: 10,000 yen

Partner Roaster Plan

Carefully curated, each month we’ll partner with a different specialty coffee roaster from all over Japan. It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the flavors Japanese artisan roasters have to offer, while also learning and connecting with their amazing stories worldwide.

Coffee selection, roast type, varieties depends on the roaster as we want this subscription to be a sensory experience and a chance to connect with coffee roasters from around Japan.

What to expect?

Beans:2 kinds of microlot roasted beans by Kurasu partner each month (packed in 200g bags).

Pamphlet: includes bean information, recipe, and interview with roaster partner.

Plan options:
400g Plan (200g × 2): 5,600 yen
800g Plan (200g × 4): 9,500 yen

Kurasu's Previous Partners

Payment & Shipment Schedule

*This is an example of the order made in May.

On the 15th of every month an automated payment will be made towards the subscription. 

At the last week of each month, we'll roast, pack, and prepare shipment for the coffee bean. We try our best to ship packages out within 4 business days from the roasting date. 

You will receive a tracking e-mail. Expect your coffee to arrive at your doorstep by the end of the following month. Sit tight, as international shipments vary widely on country from 3 business days to 2 weeks.

Coffee Subscription Q&A

Yes, you can change your plan anytime as you wish, just give us a shout through e-mail. You can also update/change your personal information from your customer portal.  

Unfortunately, you would have to reach out to us to change your information, except for credit card information. The system is on its way to be set up for customers to be able to change their own information. Please e-mail us with your new information.

Yes, if you want to pause for the upcoming roaster, let us know as soon as possible and 2 days before the cut off date (shown on the coffee subscription page). The account will restart from the next subscription, or whenever you'd prefer.

All coffee will be mainly mainly filter coffee in mind, as that's the main way we coffee is brewed in Japan. For Kurasu roasts, we do test out all of our coffee through our espresso machine, so that everyone is able to enjoy.

We carefully work with our partner couriers to ensure the most effective way to reaching to your destination. Tracking and insurance is included, just in case anything goes wrong, you'll get a full refund or credit to your next round, or send you another package depending on availability. 

Our shipping policy is that any additional custom duties which may occur in the respective country will be your responsibility. This is particularly the case for UK / EU / South American with stricter custom rules.

That being said as long as your country does not restrict roasted coffee beans, the total value for our subscription should not hit past additional charges for most countries. If packages are rejected due to refusal to pay custom costs, we will not refund shipping.