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KONO Meimon Dripper Clear

Designed by the second president of the Kono Coffee Syphon Company after years in development, the distinctive conical shape of the design ensures that water is spread evenly throughout the filter and drips through at a steady speed.

The grooves in the lower half of the cone give a snugger fit for the filter, resulting in reduced sediment, improved airflow and ultimately a richer, fuller flavored coffee. With a little patience and practice you’ll quickly master the skills required to fill your kitchen with the rich, comforting aroma of filter-dripped coffee.

The Kono brand is favored by households and professional barista’s throughout Japan. The resulting coffee is nothing short of perfection!


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Product Details

Size: L15.0 × W10.5 × H11.5cm
Material: <2 person> Acrylic resin (heat resistant temperature: 90°C)

Made in Japan

*Server used in the images are the Kalita Wave Glass Server G and TORCH Coffee Server Pitchii.

See product manual for handling tips.

About Kono Coffee Syphon Company

Established in 1925. The founder of the company, Akira Kono produced the first coffee siphon after years of research. In 1973 his successor designed the cone shaped dripper, and the third president of the company went on to adapt this design for home use creating the “Drip Meijin”.

Known not only for the quality of their coffee equipment but also for the excellence of their roasted beans, Kono Coffee Syphon Company is a name worth knowing.

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Customer Reviews

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juan m.
the method that highlights the body

The best method to represent the essence of our Colombian coffees, where the most beautiful mountains are represented. thanks karasu

John H.
Kono Dripper

I have been using the Kono dripper and like it better than the V-60. Kono paper works well with it also. Would recommend anyone to try, very reasonable price. My favorite recipe is 16 g of coffee, 40 g of water, stir with a thin toothpick, rest for 35 seconds, add 40 g of water five more times with the 10 to 15 seconds rest in between for a total of 240 g of water. Total time of three minutes and 15 - 30 seconds. Rest for four minutes and drink.

Daniel B.
Great product

Responsable and fast company, completely recomended, and the dripper it's now the daily driver.


Awesome dripper, makes really great balanced cups!

Enjoy this dripper

I really like using the Kono Meimon dripper. Can make a very nice cup of coffee with it. No problems with shipping. Nice store to do business with.