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Kalita Wave White Paper Filter 50 sheets

Using the finest quality paper, these unique shaped paper filters create an optimal and consistent brew.
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Product Details

Size: #155 [Φ155mm, H15mm (1-2 Cups)], #185 [Φ185mm, H43mm (3-4 Cups)]
Weight:80gr, 107gr / 50 sheets
Material: Bleached pulp
Recommended Dripper: Kalita Wave Dripper, (#155) Torch Mountain Dripper
Features: 50 sheets

Made in Japan

About Kalita

Kalita was found in 1958 in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. They produce quality drip-based-coffee-making equipments and is well known for their paper filters, drippers, and grinders. Now Kalita has become a household name amoung coffee enthusiasts. 

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