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Matcha / tea lipped bowl - Original design crafted in Kyoto, Kiyomizu yaki

Our first collaboration with TOKINOHA Ceramic Studio from Yamashina, Kyoto, Kurasu Kyoto introduces a lipped bowl for you to enjoy Matcha green tea at home.

The bowl embodies the unique harmony of the craftsmanship and the minimalist aesthetics.

The small lip spout creates a smooth pouring experience for your morning matcha or to serve the salad dressing for dinner.

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Product Details

Size: Φ100 × H70mm (400ml)
Material: Porcelain

Handmade in Japan

Please wash it as soon as possible after use and dry it well before storing.

Suitable for:

Not Suitable for:
Direct flame


Established in Kyoto in 2009, TOKINOHA is based in the hometown of Kiyomizu yaki, Kiyomizu-danchi, and runs a crafting studio, a shop and a workshop. TOKINOHA is also known for their leading role in the industry to revolutionize the traditional way of working.

“The working environment in Japanese pottery industry is harsh, and while it has been considered virtuous to endure the demanding, harsh working hours and work ethics, that is contributing to the fact that the industry is chasing younger generation away and we need to change that”

- Kiyomizu-san, the head of TOKINOHA Ceramic Studio explains. Kiyomizu-san and his team have been exploring the options to solve the issues the industry faces, and aiming to attract the next generation to the world of pottery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Robert N.
Great Cup

It's a beautiful cup with great functionality

Love it!

The bowl is very lovely <3 i pair it with the crazed cup.

Jocelyn T.

This bowl is a delight to use, a great pairing with my matcha bowl to make matcha tea not just esthetically but also functionally. I even use it to make other teas.

Penelope L.
beautiful cup

Beautiful cup, and the pour sprout is very functional.

Ronald W.
Lovely Lipper bowl

This lipped bowl is well handed made and very useful. I use it everyday for my matcha. The craftsmanship is superb .