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Coffee Deodorizer Pot

Deodorizing pot that can make utilize used coffee grounds. Simply place the coffee grounds along with the paper filter inside the deodorizer. Because of the vertical structure and lid it will fit most paper filters, including V60 02 and Kalita 185 paper.

It is recommended for places where odor is a concern, such as shoe boxes, refrigerators, and toilets. The simple design blends well with interior design, so it can be used in any place It is strongly recommended to replace the coffee grounds every two to three days to avoid the risk of mold growth.

Product Details

Size:approx. 86 × 96mm
Material:Body (ceramic), lid (silicone rubber)
- Heat resistant (up to 200°C),
- The main body is made without glaze, which allows coffee grounds to dry easily

Body Made in Japan, Lid Made in China

After use, rinse well, drain and dry. Do not use scrubbers or brushes.


・Please do not drag it on tables, alcoves, trays, or other easily scratched surfaces.
・Do not use the product for any other purpose.
・The silicone rubber is easy to tear, so please be careful not to scratch it with hard objects.
・When using a microwave oven or dishwasher/dryer, be sure to read the instructions for them carefully before use.
・When using a microwave oven or dishwasher, be careful not to burn yourself.


A manufacturer of household goods established 140 years ago. With "Design for Smile" as their corporate philosophy, they make many products that are convenient and easy to use.
This is a product jointly developed by MARNA and Shigeru Sugiuchi, a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of Japan.

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