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Daibo Coffee Shop: Stainless Steel Kettle

Daibo Coffee Shop and Azmaya, a company producing Japanese traditional crafts, tableware, and daily goods, collaborate to put together a beautiful and practical coffee pot and nel filter. For 38 years, many coffee lovers gathered at Daibo Coffee Shop, famous for the master's legendary nel drip technique.

With this coffee pot in hand, you're in great control of your pour-over, from carefully drip-dropping hot water to drawing fine lines over your coffee bed. Each spout is carefully hand-crafted by skilled artisans coffee pot will take your pour-over, filter or nel, to a new level.

With coffee pot and nel filter produced under collaboration of Daibo Coffee Shop and Azmaya, you're settled with a classic kissaten coffee shop of your own. Set coffee grounds inside the nel filter and gently pour hot water over it to experience a moment of peace in your daily life.

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Product Details

Size:W205 × L100 × H175mm (750ml)
Material:Stainless steel

Made in Japan

Do not use with direct heat.

About Azmaya

Ever since its founding in 1997, Azmaya (東屋) has collaborated with many Japanese artisans with the mission to produce a healthy production cycle and quality daily goods to enrich people's lives.

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