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TSUBAME Kalita Wave Stainless

Kalita’s very first product created in collaboration with Made in Tsubame, a brand and engraved mark that is given only to products that pass the conditions set by the Tsubame Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

This new dripper is completely handmade by the qualified craftsmen of Tsubame-shi, a well-known district in Niigata prefecture for its metalworking craftsmen and their techniques.

Produced with Kalita’s traditional three-hole structure with a flat bottom designed to extract evenly, allowing to accommodate all brewers. Together with the wave filters, anyone can brew with a consistent flavor each and every time.

サイズ: 155

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Product Details

Size:#155 (H5.7 × Φ10.5cm)(1-2 cups), #185 (8.8 × 11.6 × 11.8cm)(2-4 cups)
Recommended Filter:Kalita Wave White Paper Filter

Made in Japan

*Server used in the images are the Kalita Wave Glass Server G.

Dishwasher safe

About Kalita

Kalita was found in 1958 in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. They produce quality drip-based-coffee-making equipments and is well known for their paper filters, drippers, and grinders. Now Kalita has become a household name amoung coffee enthusiasts. 

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Customer Reviews

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K.T. C.
Tsubame Kalita 155

I wanted this specific dripped as it is from local artisans and has some history. Excellent build quality I use it everyday. Definitely
My favourite dripper.

Z. H.
Excellent dripper for daily use

The dripper quality is good and not fragile. The polishing work is just simply well done. It provides stable brewing quality and water flow rate. Coffee brewed by using this dripper is sweet and rich.

James W.
Tsubame stainless dripper works great

Both sizes of the Tsubame drippers work quite well, allowing for a fast flow rate if desired. I already have a porcelain Hasami and enjoy using it, but wanted to try a metal dripper. Initially I was concerned that the flow rate might be slowed with the Tsubame design, since when sitting directly on top of a cup the base has no standoff ridges underneath to help provide an air gap as are found on the Hasami design. But in practice I found the flow rates to be similar between the both styles, so the choice of which style is better really comes down to whether you prefer the look or material qualities of stainless steel versus porcelain. Both are very good.

The attached photos show a Tsubame 185 brewing on the scale, and a group shop with the Tsubame 155, and Hasami 155 after brewing approximately 25 grams of coffee each. I don't usually brew 25g with the smaller drippers but did so to understand if the water would flow freely through the coffee bed or stall out and overflow the dripper. I was able to complete the brew without any issue.

Andrew H.
Wonderful dripper

Beautiful product, excellent build quality, drains well, and brews consistent and fantastic coffee. I have no issues brewing 22 g in the 155. I love how easily the filter and grounds slide out of the dripper. I would definitely purchase again.

Kalita Wave 155 Tsubame

Ordering process was simple. Delivery tracking went smoothly. The Tsubame dripper works fantastic. Enjoying the pour over experience with this Kalita dripper at 155 size. Have the glass 185. In comparison, the 155 Tsubame is more fun to pour because it is stainless steel. Easier to clean without the thought of being fragile. It drips faster than the glass version.