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2-Way Matcha Whisk Stand by ORIGAMI

Tea Lover's Essential: Chasen Tea Whisk Stand

As you use Chasen you may notice that it slowly starts to deform- the curved and evenly spread whisk starts to close off, or warp in a way affected by your whisking habit. 

Closed-off tip or warped whisk can affect the usability, and the whisk in storage without protection can lead to a damage to its delicate pins.

To keep the flexible and delicate whisk head in its ideal "egg" shape, it is essential to keep the Chasen on a stand.  

This 2-way tea whisk stand is a great tool to maintain the shape and the function, ultimately lengthen the lifespan of the whisk, and while you are using the whisk, you can flip the stand up-side-down to use it as a temporary holder.

Color: White

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Product Details

Size: Φ60×H40mm / small holeΦ13㎜ / large holeΦ38㎜ 
Weight: approx. 80g
Material: Porcelain
Made in Japan

How to use: After using the Chasen, rinse it with luke warm water, set it on the stand, and store it in a dark, well ventilated place.

Heat resistance temperature up to 120℃
Microwave and dishwasher safe

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Customer Reviews

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Ameer E.
Unexpectedly useful

Keeps my chasen in top form and displays beautifully.


Lovely whisk holder. Fits perfectly. Well packaged. Thanks.


Quality 💚