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Tujiwa Kanaami Hand Weaved Wire Mesh Coffee Dripper

Wire netting technique meets coffee brewing. Each dripper is handmade in Kyoto with precision by Tujiwa Kanaami. Elegant yet practical, place conical paper filter inside and experience brewing mellow and sweet coffee.

Tremendous effort and time is required to make each dripper, and only 5 can be made in 1.5 months. We appreciate your patience and understanding in advance.

Size: Small
Material: Copper

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Product Details

Size:Small [Diameter 8cm, L16 × D6cm (grip 6cm)], Large [Diameter 10cm, L18 × D6.5 cm (grip 6cm)], Stand [compatible with cups/pots of inner dimension up to S(9cm) and L(10.5cm)]

Material: Dripper (copper and stainless steel), Stand (copper and stainless steel)

*Copper develops natural patina overtime. The shine of new copper tones down to a mature look.

*Server used in the images are the Kalita Wave Glass Server G.


- Avoid storing under direct sunlight.
- Do not apply strong pressure.
- Only use with water to avoid corrosion and change of colour.
- Do not leave wet for a long period of time.

Copper can turn green over time, but it is NOT harmful.

Not microwave safe
Not dishwasher safe.

About Tujiwa Kanaami

Tujiwa Kanaami was established in 1933, and their studio is situated within a close walking distance from Kurasu Ebisugawa Cafe.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
David S.

Beautiful piece of Japanese craftsmanship. I saw these drippers at the small shop in Kyoto where they are made - although they were sold-out at the time. This is really a functional work of art.

Morgan A.
Unbelievably crafted

Unboxing this beautiful addition to the collection, it was evident that it was different from the rest. The craftsmanship is incredible. Second to none. Yet, it is very versatile and brews a beautiful cup of coffee.

John R.
Has become a favorite – it’s become a daily driver

This has become a favorite dripper. If you’re lazy like me, this will be the perfect dripper. Haha! No need to wash. Just throw in your filter, brew, and discard.

This also produces a very well balanced cup. I was a bit surprised that this has a slightly slower draw down compared to other cone drippers.

George E.
Work of art

This is truly a work of art. I get many comments when I am posting photos and queries asking me about it. I have recommended it - and you — often. It also makes amazing coffee (and a recipe is provided with the brewer). I cannot have asked for a better experience. Thank you.

D L.
Authenticity and personal experience at its best!

This is a proper tool that will enhance your liking of coffee culture. The purpose may be the same as in making your coffee but if you see the every detail how the wires are twisted then there's the extra part of satisfaction coming from using this tool! It is one of my favorite collections among the drippers I own. Moreover, I wouldn't have known of its existence if it weren't Kurasu :) Thank you