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Elephant Factory Coffee, Kyoto city | Cafe Walk


In the middle of bustling downtown Kyoto take a step back though the narrow alleyways. You think you're lost, but after a few misguided turns, you'll find Elephant Factory Coffee on the 2nd floor of an old commercial building - one of our favorite hangout spots in the city.

In the age we're seeing more trendy, hipster cafes open, Elephant Factory Coffee keeps with the tradition of an old school coffee joint, only serving the finest pour over coffee, few selection of tea, with simple toast or cake on the side.

The beans are roasted and delivered from a small roastery in Hokkaido - hand picked by the owner Hata san who claims they are best suited for his taste of strong, aromatic black coffee.

The iced coffee is a gem especially on hot summer days. Each cup is carefully hand filtered through dark roasted beans and the taste, aroma is exquisite. 


Elephant Factory Coffee shows the face of another side of Kyoto - sit back and reminisce in the cool antique atmosphere, strong scent of coffee and cigarettes, and soft jazz playing in the background.


Elephant Factory Coffee
Address: HK building 2nd floor, Bizenjima-cho 309-4, Kyoto City 
Tel: 075-212-1808
Hours: 13:00 - 1:00AM closed on Thursdays


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