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11 reasons to start home brewing pour over coffee today

You’ve seen it in popping up in local cafes. Pour over coffee, or filter coffee is the latest trend in the coffee industry. Despite its recent notoriety, this particular extraction method has been around for a long time. In Japan, it has been and continues to be the most popular way of making coffee at home and in coffee shops.

So what’s so special about pour over coffee and why should you pick up your first brew kit today?

Here is a list of the top 11 reasons you should start brewing pour over coffee in your home today:


1. It's highly practical

With a pour over coffee brewing set-up, you can enjoy freshly ground coffee anytime and anywhere. You don’t need to plug anything in - you just need hot water and ground coffee. There are no electronic parts, no moving parts that break easily, and no hefty maintenance or cleaning costs. Most of our products can just be popped in the dishwasher after use. Pour over coffee can easily be brewed not just in your home but outside - picnics, camping trip, or the beach.


2. Better extraction method to give better flavored coffee

The paper filter that you use in a pour over system removes additional residues and oils from the beans which help to give it a less coloured taste. This is the way that coffee was meant to be made – slowly, with care, and with precision. As coffee roasters partner with coffee farms, coffee quality has been rapidly increasing. When roasters are trying new flavours of coffee, they use this brewing method so that they can come as close as possible to the true flavor.

If you want to experiment with your coffee, using the pour over method offers many different variables so you can try new recipes. For example, you can alter the amount of beans, the grind of the beans, the temperature of the water, the rate of your pour, the possibilities are endless!


3. Anyone can do it!

The operation of an espresso machine requires a significant amount of training. There are a lot of different techniques and different machines that all have their own specific nuances. Fancy electronic coffee makers require a detailed manual, the press of too many buttons, and at this point they probably track your data usage! A simple pour over coffee takes you back to the beginning. It’s just you, the water, the coffee, and the filter set. The only thing that is preventing you from making the best cup of coffee possible is you! You have more control and you can build your skills up over time so that you can learn how to make your favorite cup.


4. Cost

Though instant coffee might be cheap, you know that you are never really drinking the real thing. Electronic coffee makers often fail and require replacement, and espresso machines are preventatively expensive (unless of course you are starting a café in your kitchen). A simple pour over will last you a long time, is not that expensive, and is significantly cheaper than buying a coffee every day.

Spending three dollars a day on a cup of coffee, in a month’s time you will have spent $90.00 and in a year you will have spent over $1,000! Make your own coffee, the smart way.



5. Beautiful designs

If you appreciate design, then you will love pour over coffee gear. The simple process seems to breed clean, minimalist design. There is definitely a set up that will fit perfectly in your kitchen. You will not only impress with the flavour of the coffee, but with the presentation.


6. Environmental friendly

In 2011, 25 billion disposable cups were thrown away in the US alone. Just take a moment to think about how much waste that is. Over 9 million trees cut down – 363 million pounds of waste. When you make your own coffee, you are not only saving money, but you are making the right choice for the environment. Check out this infographic – if you start now, if you start using reusable cups, in just a few years you will have saved the lives of many trees.


7. Great for kick-starting the morning

Those of us loyal to caffeine know that we really can’t get our day started with a nice hot cup of fresh coffee. If you really need your caffeine fix in the morning before speaking to anyone or doing anything at all, then pour over coffee is the way to go. In a single serving of espresso, there is only 40-75 mg of caffeine. In a single serving of pour over coffee, there is 80-185 mg of caffeine. That is twice the amount of caffeine to get your day started for a lot less work.



8. Impress your friends and family

Whenever I have company, it is customary for me to offer them a specially brewed cup of coffee. Not only do I wish to extend my best hospitality, but I get to show off my brewing skills! It is a meaningful gesture to extend to your friends and family, to take the time to carefully brew a great cup of pour over coffee. Your company will always appreciate the time and effort that you put into the process. People are often fascinated by the experience and any coffee drinker will immediately know the difference in flavour. Besides, it gives me the opportunity to share with them my specific brewing style.


9. A calming meditative process.

When I wake up, the first thing I do is reach for my smart phone to check emails, social media, see if I received any texts, and the list goes on. With the amount of information and stimulus around us these days, it is difficult to find even small moments of peace. Brewing a pour over coffee is a moment of the day that can be reserved and kept separate from the pace of the modern world. Giving yourself a quiet moment at the beginning of your day (or any time, really) can help you to slow your mind down, give you a moment of reflection, and help to refresh your creativity. Some of my best ideas come to me during this time – though it might just be the smell of the coffee beans percolating my mind.



10. Numerous health benefits

The filters used for the pour over method of coffee brewing help to trap oily substances in coffee called diterpenes. The two main types of diterpenes found in coffee are cafestol and kafweol. These compounds have been shown to block receptors in the intestines which help to regulate cholesterol. In fact, it has been shown that regular consumption of unfiltered coffee over a period of four weeks could potentially raise a person’s cholesterol six to eight percent. A regular paper filter prevents these oils from leaking into your cup, and therefore provide a way to keep your cholesterol levels down. Though the actual health benefits of coffee are an often debated topic, it is most definitely the case that a cup of filtered coffee is better for your health than a cup of unfiltered coffee.


11. Join the coffee community and the pour over coffee movement!

Coffee has been bringing people together for centuries. Some say it was the fuel of the Enlightenment in Europe. Since coffee houses started popping up in Constantinople, coffee has provided people the opportunity for people to gather and share ideas. There is clearly a coffee culture still thriving in many cosmopolitan places across the world, and even in your own kitchen. Investing in your own pour over coffee kit can bring you closer to this community and provide you the opportunity to connect with baristas and café owners. I have personally found that the pour over coffee process has provided a bridge to connect with many like-minded individuals, designers, artists, photographers, and entrepreneurs. If you care deeply about quality, like many of these people do, then pour over coffee is the choice for you.


So what are you waiting for?

Get involved in the pour over coffee movement and start making your personal brew today – it might lead you to your next big idea! At the very least, you will have made the best cup of coffee you can. It is the best option for both taste and cost, and as shown above, has many other benefits.

So now it's your turn! Share your thoughts about the brilliance of pour over coffee or conversely your personal preference in extraction method. Visit our storeto see the great designs of coffee gear we have to offer, shipped straight from Japan. 


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