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Why I love the Torch Mountain Dripper

I was introduced to the Mountain Dripper by creator Nakabayashi san when it first was released in 2014. After hearing about his new creation, I immediately made the decision to stock with Kurasu before I even had the chance to physically see his new work. I knew from his previous collection – the Donut Dripper and Coffee Measure House – that Nakabayashi san and Torch not only had beautiful designs, but always had the mindset of creating the best personal experience in pour over coffee for the user. It was Nakabayashi san's personal mission and I could always feel his passion in every product.

Just listening to the concept – the improvements he worked tirelessly from the Donut Dripper – creating a more personal and intimate dripper for 1-2 cups, designing to incorporate Third wave type roasts, incorporating his interpretation of optimal water flow and contact with coffee, and being able to use different paper filters, got myself hooked to the idea right away.

The Mountain Dripper understands the pros and cons of the cone dripper such as the Hario, and the new designs as the Kalita Wave, and integrates the strength of both into one beautiful creation. This could only be achieved by the love Nakabayashi san has for coffee, the Japanese coffee culture, and his desire to improve the coffee experience for all. I knew his new Mountain Dripperwould fit perfectly into the concept of Kurasu, and that intuition only was reinforced after I had a chance to experience the dripper and feel the beautiful shape in my hands.