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Takahiro Pourover Coffee Kettle Review

If you're into pour over coffee, you've probably heard of the Takahiro coffee kettle.

And if you've ever been to a cafe that has a good reputation for drip coffee in Japan, I'm sure you've seen it in action.

Recently, third wave specialty coffee roasters all over the world have attested to the quality and consistency of the Takahiro pour over kettle. It was even dubbed the "Rolls Royce of coffee kettles" by Blue Bottle Coffee, the fastest growing specialty coffee roaster based in the US.

So is the Takahiro really worth the price tag?

Should you be looking into purchasing one for your pourover coffee experience?

Keep reading on and I'll let you know at the end of this post.

A closer look at the Takahiro Kettle

First, a brief overview of the beautiful handcrafted coffee pour over pot from Japan.

The Takahiro kettle comes in 0.9 L and 0.5L sizes.  

Assuming we make a standard 240 ml cup of filtered coffee, the 0.9 L size would be ideal for 1-4 cups, and the 0.5 L pot for 1-2 cups. 

I first bought the 0.9 L and have used it for a few years now. 

I've only recently started using the 0.5 L before considering to stock it in our store. 

Although the 0.9 L is more versatile as it is able to hold more water, I've found the smaller, light weight, and more compact 0.5 L has the benefit of allowing more control and is the ideal option if you are only making a cup for yourself and a partner. 

Either kettle works beautifully according to your needs. 

Minimal Design

I've encountered some people in the past that have not had a great first impression of the Takahiro.

The feedback was that they felt the design to be too simple or too bland.

My take: the minimal and no nonsense style is part of the appeal for me and really defines why I love the Takahiro.

Not only does the simple style fit any kitchen or coffee dripper I use, I can almost sense the focus on the engineering of the coffee pouring experience. There are no extraneous or unnecessary parts or designs – it is a straightforward, useful tool demanding respect in the coffee world. 

In the end, all the naysayers take back their bad first impression and ending up falling in love after actually using the kettle for themselves to make filtered coffee.  

Small but thoughtful features

The lid is designed so that it has a small rise on the inner rims. This prevents the lid from falling off while pouring.

The large hole makes it easy to pour water in and wash the inside.

The handles are hollow to prevent them from getting hot when heating the pot under the stove top.

These small yet important features count when it is used every day. 

The secret to Takahiro's sucess: the spout

Here is a close up of the spout. 

This is what gets baristas and home pour over coffee enthusiasts like myself hooked with the Takahiro. 

This swan’s-neck spout allows for a perfect, responsive flow of water every single time. Slow or fast – it’s so easy to adjust, allowing you to achieve the coffee flavors to your desire. It puts the control in the user’s hands every time. 

Made for professional use, used for home brewing

The Takahiro was originally only intended for professional use. Takahiro creates premium wares that caters to restaurants and cafes. This kettle was designed while working with drip coffee experts in Japan over 20 years ago. It isn’t surprising that word of mouth made the Takahiro a house hold item in Japan soon after its release. 

The precision and consistency of the Takahiro makes the pour over experience delightful for beginners and experts alike: a worthy investment.


So what do I think about the Takahiro?

By now you can probably guess that I agree with the assertion that the Takahiro is the "Rolls Royce of coffee kettles.”

Should you buy the Takahiro?

It depends on your needs.

As an owner of coffee equipment store I've had the chance to test out dozens of coffee kettles. Each have their own unique trait; their pros and cons.

I would recommend different equipment depending on the style and needs of the customer.

But, if you are looking for a premium coffee kettle with the desire to adjust pours, minimalistic design, and don’t mind the price tag – you won’t regret going for it.

On a personal note, I always go back to my trusted Takahiro and others agree:

It's just so clean, minimal, consistent, precise, and professional. It may be slightly pricier than its competitors, but the product quality justifies it. 

Give it a try and let me know how you would rate the Takahiro kettle.