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2020 End of the Year + New Year Schedule

"The" 2020 is almost over!

Here's our schedule for the end of the year & new year:

Kurasu Kyoto
~ Dec 27th Open as usual
Dec 28th Open between 9am and 5pm
Dec 29th Open between 9am and 3pm
Dec 30th Open between 9am and 3pm
Dec 31st - Jan 3rd Closed
Jan 4th~ Open as usual (8am-4pm)

Kurasu Ebisugawa
~ Dec 28th Open as usual
Dec 29th - Jan 3rd Closed
Jan 4th~ Open as usual (9am- 5pm)

Kurasu Fushimi Inari

Dec 29th-Jan 3rd Closed
*Depending on the number of orders and the stock situation, orders made by 28th may not be shipped out until January. We apologize for any inconvenience may  be caused.  

We worked so hard to survive this chaotic year- give your self a big pat on the back, give yourself credit. Have a nice cup of coffee and stay warm.

Thank you ever so much for your great love and warm support throughout this year, as always, and have a wonderful happy new year.  

Love from Kurasu