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4/4 SEASONS COFFEE Guest Barista + Espresso Seminar Photo Report

東京、新宿にある4/4 SEASONS COFFEE(ALL SEASONS COFFEE)のオーナー・ロースターの齋藤さんがゲストバリスタとしてKurasu Kyotoにお越しくださいました。

ご提供いただいたのはエスプレッソとハンドドリップ。シングルオリジン、ライトローストの焙煎が特徴の4/4 SEASONS COFFEEのコーヒーはKurasuの京都・シンガポールの両店舗でも7月から取り扱わせていただいており、甘くクリーンな酸がKurasuのお客様にも大変好評です。








Last week, Saito-san from 4/4 SEASONS COFFEE in Shinjuku, Tokyo visited Kurasu Kyoto as a guest barista and served his roast both as espresso and pourover. 4/4 SEASONS COFFEE is focusing on single origin and light roasting, and his coffee’s sweet and clean acidity has been very popular both at Kurasu Kyoto and Kurasu Singapore since we started to serve his coffee back in July.

The event welcomed so many people and received very positive feedback. Saito-san recommended his preferred way to enjoy various kinds of coffee – for customers who ordered pourover as takeaway, Saito-san suggested to enjoy the aroma with the lid open; for iced coffee, he suggested not to stir and drink using straw. His advice proved very popular with the guests and they were all very happy with their drink with many commented that they’d “never tasted coffee this fruity!”

Saito-san took time to passionately introduce his vision and what his and other specialty coffee shops are working on.

After the café closed, Saito-san held a small seminar and let us compare espresso prepared using two different brewing methods. One was classic, produced using double the quantity of coffee beans, while the other is a new trend in Tokyo, to produce the same quantity in cup as the coffee beans. With this new method, the characteristics and flavor of the coffee become very distinctive, and while some of the attendants of the seminar were not familiar with espresso, everyone enjoyed the espresso a lot and learned more about it.

Saito-san also told us about his experience at the Japan Barista Championship, and it was a great opportunity to hear about the backstage stories, and what baristas are thinking behind the bar. Saito-san, thank you so much!

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