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5 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

December is around the corner and that means Christmas is coming! We curated 5 great coffee equipment which make a perfect Christmas gift to share the love and warmth of a cup of coffee.

1. KAICO Kettle (1.3L)

For someone who is into hand dripping - from ultra thin stream to pulse dripping, this kettle can handle anything!  

Its unique, triangle spout lets out various water streams with different angles. If you pour it with a small angle and let the water almost fall straight down. It gives you the exact water stream you want, with a simple flick of your wrist.

Enameled steel is a metal plate coated with glass, and it has both the sturdiness of metal and beautifully mild and clear aesthetics and cleanliness of glass. This material is excel at heat conduction and preservation as well.

KAICO Kettle (1.3L)


2. Kalita Tsubame Hasami Porcelain Dripper

For someone who only wants the best in their cupboard

This collaboration between Kalita and Hasami-yaki, a traditional porcelain crafting method that originates four centuries ago, has allowed the creation of a porcelain that is both slim and sturdy, a perfect merging of light weight and lasting durability.

Each is handcrafted by experienced artisans, and the level of craftsmanship is exhibited by the ability to actually see light through finished the porcelain. 

Kalita Tsubame Hasami Porcelain Dripper


3. Coffee Measure by ishii koji

For someone who appreciates the beauty of hand crafted item

Carefully hand carved one by one from a single piece of wood; the Japanese artisan wood carver Ishii-san puts life into each and every spoon so that it accommodates well into the user’s hands in no time.

Made from four types of wood, cherry, maple, oak and walnut, with individual characteristics, colors and grain at its finest as a measuring spoon.

Coffee Measure by ishii koji


4. Miyaco Single Drip 

The perfect gift for someone who loves that ritualistic moment of coffee brewing

If you are familiar with Japanese tea time, this unique shape may ring a bell- yes, Japanese tea pot! This tea pot-looking, tiny round pot is, however, carefully designed for hand dripping. 

Sturdy and hygienic stainless assures the quality of this pot, and it comes with a diameter of 7mm spout well-polished inside which realizes very controllable thin stream.

Miyaco Single Drip


5. Kurasu Stainless Travel Tumbler

Have someone enjoys coffee on the go in your mind? Then get this one! 

Stainless Travel Tumbler was designed by KINTO for people who lead a conscious and flexible lifestyle.

The vacuum insulated bottle made of the smooth, high quality stainless steel keeps your drinking experience enjoyable, clean and long-lasting. It keeps your drink at its perfect temperature even in this freezing season!

Kurasu Stainless Travel Tumbler