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5 Trending Japanese Drippers

Not many may know how much of a difference the choice of coffee dripper can make. As an online store and as a café both offering a wide variety of Japanese coffee equipment, KURASU KYOTO will introduce 5 beautiful Japanese coffee drippers from a barista’s point of view.




The iconic dripper that has been long loved worldwide from Japanese family homes to professional coffee scenes, including KURASU KYOTO. What makes it special? Its spiral ribs. They guide the water flow and keep it smooth, which makes the brewing control extremely flexible putting the emphasis on your technique. Choose your favorite from the selection of materials: plastic, metal, ceramic and glass to make a perfect cup of your own.


Kalita Wave

With its consistent results and reliable, controlled brewing, Kalita Wave series is another go-to dripper along with V60.  This beautifully crafted dripper has 3 small dripping holes that keep the brewing process consistent, making your coffee rich and aromatic. Kalita Wave Copper is our favorite for the smooth, deep and complexed extraction it provides with its strength in  thermal conductivity.


TORCH Mountain Dripper

We highly recommend this to a pourover beginner. It’s not only pleasant to look at, but the dual ribs and 5 holes encourage a smooth flow of water which makes this dripper “the one” for light to medium roast with clean acidity and sweetness. It is compatible with cone shaped paper filters from Hario V60 and KONO as well as Kalita Wave filters.



Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper

Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper is an exquisite wooden dripper individually hand-carved by the artisans of Yamanaka Lacquerware in Ishikawa prefecture. The horizontal ribs keep the dripping speed consistent to achieve a clean and smooth cup. It always ranks as one of the top drippers whenever we host a “drink-to-compare” event at the café.


MUNIEQ Tetra Dripper

A foldable dripper that’s perfect for traveling and outdoor needs. While it was designed to be flat and portable, it will certainly surprise you with the quality it provides. The two big holes on the side would make you think the dripping would go too quickly, but it is well balanced by keeping the body narrow, that makes the coffee bed high and full in contact with water. Great for brewing a balanced, rich cup.

It always amazes us how much difference different kinds of drippers can make, and exploring the unique, beautiful styles is a sheer joy. Join us and find "the one" for you! 

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