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Taoca Coffee Roaster: December 2015 Kurasu Partner Roaster Subscription


Introducing Taoca Coffee

Taoca Coffee has an exquisitely simple vision – to help coffee lovers discover and enjoy their dream brew.

Located in Kurakuen, Hyogo prefecture, Taoca Coffee is this month's featured roaster, and for good reason. Taoca Coffee represents everything that we look for in a top-quality coffee roaster, from their passion regarding the art of coffee making, to the extensive knowledge and care that their staff applies to every cup served. Nothing is overlooked in Taoca Coffee! Even the humidity, air pressure, and temperature of the roasting environment is carefully monitored to ensure the most exceptional results.

The driving force behind this passion and attention to detail is Taoca Coffee's owner, Taoca san. He began roasting several years ago while working for a large coffee company, and later departed to pursue his passion as a coffee roaster owner and operator. Taoca san wanted to build a bridge of understanding between bean farmers and consumers, and he put just as much effort into selecting the perfect beans as he did into his role as a barista.

“As a passionate barista and coffee roaster,” says Taoca san, “I would like you to encounter the passion put into truly delicious coffee. That is the true meaning of 'specialty coffee.'”

As dedicated proponents of the third wave coffee movement, we here at Kurasu completely agree! We're excited to have Taoca san joining us in the Kurasu x Good Coffee subscriptions service, and working together to share his favorite, hand-selected roasts with coffee lovers all over the world.


Q&A with Taoca Coffee Roaster owner Taoca san

When and how did you first start roasting professionally?

About 3 years ago, at my former job at a coffee company. I was transferred into the production management headquarters (including roasting) and that was my first opportunity.

What do you consider most important in the process of purchasing, roasting, extracting, and providing the coffee to the customer?

In terms of green bean selection, I put an emphasis on "sweetness" and "texture". Because sweetness lasts (remains in your mouth longer than other tastes) and I feel this is an important part to intuitively capture the taste of coffee. I focus on this during roasting as well, to try to form the sweetness aspect of the coffee.

What emphasis do you put on roasting? (For example, light roast or dark roast?)

The characteristics are a "wide range". First, I want the customer to feel that the coffee is exceptional more so than focusing specifically on the light roast trends. The image I have is "a half step ahead". I want to keep the flavors the customers like while slowly guiding them through to the realm of specialty coffee.

What is your favorite extraction method?

Hand pourover with the Hario V60

What made you decide to be a part of the kurasu × Good Coffee subscription service?

I thought it would be a fun experience and also I really have a keen interest in overseas right now! Wanted this to be a networking experience.

Any message to our overseas members?

Let's enjoy coffee together!

What's your recommendation/favorite roaster or cafe?

Rococo in Nara prefecture

Is there anyone you look up to as a roaster or barista?

Roaster - Matsumoto Coffee Ueno san

Barrista - Doutor Coffee Kurita san


Selection of beans

Kenya AA Ivego Factory

Grade:AA/ Roast:LightRoast 
Farm:IvegoFactory/ Region:Muranga
Altitude:1400m/ Varietal:SL28,SL34

Guatemala Santa Clara

Farm:SantaClara/ Region:AntiguaAgua
Altitude:1550-1800m/ Varietal:Cattura

Reason for choosing these beans:
"WewantedtoofferanexperienceofthelightroastasthebasicsofspecialtycoffeeandaJapan-likedarkroast. WethoughtwecouldofferthemostappealingtasteofKenyaIvegosjuicyandfruityflavorextractedbestwhenlightlyroasted. Guatemalacanbeenjoyedlightroasted,butwethoughtthedarkroastsrichnessandbitternesswithitssmoothandcleantexturecanbeenjoyednotonlybythespecialtycoffeeloversbutallcoffeebrewers.Wehopetofulfillavarietyofpreferencesbyofferingbothlightanddarkroasts."