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8 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Here at Kurasu, we know that coffee is much more than a drink. It's stimulating, invigorating, and for many people, the enjoyment of coffee is a huge part of their overall lifestyle. Of course, this means that the world of coffee comes complete with its own selection of gizmos, accessories, and must-have items. From brewers to beans and mugs to magazines, there are scores of great things to stuff in a coffee aficionado's stocking!


Whether you're a coffee lover or you're shopping for someone who is, now is a perfect time to grab up this season's most sought after gifts. Here's some of our favorites:


Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper

A gift that won't end up hidden in the pantry!


Nothing makes for a better gift than an object of beauty that's also useful! The Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper is a handmade work of art that also produces an amazing cup of coffee. The unique look and lasting durability comes from it's construction – utilizing a centuries-old method called Yamanaka-shikki.


The result of this traditional Japanese craftsmanship is a coffee dripper that's lightweight, strong, and a joy to display and use. The intricately-carved ribs and cone design ensure that the maximum amount of nuance and flavor is extracted from the roast within, which means that anyone who enjoys an incredible cup of coffee will absolutely love the Yasukiyo. 

Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper



Torch Coffee Server "Pitchii"

Coffee lovers love this pitcher of supreme quality and simple design!


From the experts at Torch in Gunma, Japan, we have the Torch Coffee Server. This elegant and practical pitcher is designed to hold about four cups (600ml) of brewed coffee and works perfectly with most of the drippers on the market. Pair it with the Torch Donut Dripper, or any of the fine drippers by Hario, Kono, or Kalita, and you will pretty much guarantee an amazing coffee experience!


The Torch Coffee Server Pitcher is handmade from special glass and is heat resistant to 120oCelsius. It's a wonderful accessory that's built to last a lifetime! 

Torch Coffee Server "Pitchii"



1616/Arita Coffee Cups

Elegant and simply-designed drink ware that will complement any kitchen cafe!


Any coffee lover can appreciate a gift that combines modern design with a rich, historical origin. These 1616/Arita White Series cups have been created by Japanese designer Teruhiro Yanagihara, and they're constructed of a light and durable Aritayaki ceramic that dates back to the 17th Century.


The minimalist design fits well with any contemporary décor or style, and the high quality ensures that these gifts will be enjoyed for years and years. This style range includes a small espresso cup, a medium coffee cup, and a large modernist mug for big portions. 

1616/Arita Coffee Cups


Takahiro Shizuku Coffee Drip Pour Over Kettle


Don't skimp on your kettle when you can have the best of the best!


Every home needs a kettle, and that's even more true when speaking of the home of a coffee enthusiast! The Takahiro Coffee Drip Pour Over Kettle is a slightly-modernized take on an already adored kettle design. The original Takahiro Kettle has been a stape among coffee lovers for generations, and this updated version boasts a thinner spout for even more precision control of water flow. The kettle works with direct heat, stove tops, and IH electromagnetic cookers.


As if that weren't enough, you can't deny the sharp, classic looks of the design. The simple lines of the Takahiro Kettle glisten with the durability and shine of stainless steel, making it a piece worth using and showing off. 

Takahiro Shizuku Coffee Drip Pour Over Kettle


Brutus “Happiness Comes From Good Coffee” Special Edition

A fun piece of the third-wave coffee movement in Japan.


Want to immerse yourself in the incredible coffee culture of Japan? If so, you'll love peering through the pages of this special edition of Brutus, a bi-weekly Japanese publication that explores the latest in fashion, food, and culture. In this limited print, Brutus dedicates many of its pages to the third-wave coffee movement, and even explores a number of specialty roasters in the US and Oslo.


All of the articles are in Japanese, but even if you're not fluent, you'll be able to enjoy the abundance of beautiful photographs and illustrations within. This hefty volume makes for a great coffee table book – leave it out for your guests to peruse while you're preparing their coffee! 

Brutus magazine Coffee Edition



Kono Meimon Coffee Dripper Set with Sakura Wood Handles

Enjoy one of the finest methods for brewing filtered coffee. Don't forget to get a second one for yourself!


Looking for a bold new way to prepare your favorite brew? We recommend the Kono Meimon, a gorgeously-designed coffee dripper from the mind of the second president of the Kono Coffee Siphon Company. It took years of refinement to complete the design, but the result is a dripper that extracts all of the nuanced flavors from your favorite roast to deliver the optimal cup of filter coffee.

The Kono is a favorite throughout Japan, widely used by individuals in their kitchens and professionals behind the cafe bar. The included glass pot accommodates two cups of coffee, and the set comes with a measuring spoon and filter paper so that it's ready to brew right out of the box! 

KONO Meimon coffee dripper set - Sakura Wood handles



Torch “House” Coffee Measuring Spoon

A cute coffee accessory that's functional and fetching.


When it comes to gifts, bigger isn't always better. These lovely, handcrafted measuring spoons from Torch are sure to please anyone who enjoys making their own coffee at home. Each of these little scoops is hand-carved from natural wood, the final design –  a Takahashi Nakabayashi original -- taking on the appearance of a tiny Japanese house.

Natural walnut and birch is used to craft each of these practical spoons, a deliberate choice in materials that intended to pair perfectly with the aroma and oils of coffee beans. You can choose either of the wood materials, and each scoop comes packaged in a stylish box. [Pricing]

TORCH Coffee Measure House



Kurasu Coffee Subscription

Sign up, and you'll be enjoying the best coffee in Japan every month!


Perhaps the ultimate gift for a coffee lover is the coffee itself! A subscription to Kurasu ensures that every month will be a celebration of delicious brews in the spirit of the third-wave coffee movement. Each delivery allows you to discover new flavors, all while experience the rich and detailed stories behind each of our hand-selected Japanese artisans. This service is the first of its kind for Japanese coffee, and we're proud to be your ambassadors to a flavorful adventure through our regional coffee culture.

Convenience is also at the core of the Kurasu vision, and we provide the fastest international shipping while keeping your cost low. You can choose between two different subscriptions, each offering 200g or 400g of coffee each month, respectively.

A Kurasu coffee subscription really is a gift that keeps on giving, and you can be certain that anyone who's excited about their coffee will love receiving our premium roasts every month!

Kurasu Coffee Subscription

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