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Barista Blend Interview: Ayaka

Hello beautiful people :)

This event has been running for quite some time now. It's been 2 months, and we thought it would feel as long as it sounds- but exciting and fun time always flies by super quick. It started in Feburuary when it was still freezing cold, and now it's already spring. We can't believe it's already ending! 

Thank you so much for enjoying this event with us, and we hope you have been having as much fun as we are!  

With the next blend as the final part of this series, we are wrapping it up and start working on our ultimate goal- making a brand new Kurasu House Blend Light! 

This will be another big and very exciting process for us, and we will keep you updated on the journey!  

The barista we will be introducing to make a grand finale of the series is, the one and the only, Ayaka! 


Q1. What kind of coffee do you like?

A1. A mild, sweet coffee with a gentle acidity and a right amount of richness. 

(Interviewer: This reminds me of the time when we have coffee together with her, and that moment she smiles after taking a little sip out of the cup and says "mmm"<3  Also, I think this is the first time I heard richness to be the key points of what our baristas like. Interesting :) )


Q2. What was your aim in this blend?

A2. I aimed for something not too flamboyant, more like an everyday cup so mild that gives you a gentle hug in the morning.

(Actually, I had a chance to try it out a little early, and it was very classy. It's difficult to explain, but it was so beautiful. )


Q3. What was your reason to choose this color pallet for your blend?

A3. I picked white as the main color for a soft impression, like a new page on a notebook- I hope everyone can enjoy the coffee in their own unique ways. 

(I wasn't expecting white! The mild color is flowing into the white background just like the mellow flavor flows and dances on your tongue. Nice, love it!)


Q4. How was making your first blend like?

A4. I was caught by surprise how much love I felt when I first cupped this blend, it was overwhelming. It was such a great opportunity and I would love to do it again if I have a chance in the future. 

(She looked so happy when she was cupping this blend. We hope you can feel her love in the bag- she definitely packed a lot of it! )


Q5.Any other message to wrap up the interview?

A5. I will be working as Kurasu's general manager as of this spring. It's a little sad that I cannot really be at the cafe serving coffee very often, but I will be working so hard making sure that Kurasu I love grows even more! 

(Yaaasss! Congratulations! Ayaka has truly been Kurasu's rock- please say hi and give her a cheer if you see her at Kurasu! )




Thank you so much for reading and see you in Kyoto!